AYURVEDA: The ancient Science of Self Healing and practical spirituality in the post covid-19 era with Acharya Shunya

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What's up action, tribe, heroes, hose and founder of my seven Jucker as my seven chocolate dot com, the shore we help you expedients, effortless healing, awakening and abundance in today's episode we talk about some really powerful and embroidered topics, including what roared as I read a play in healing, the true nature of self, the importance of cleansing, and so much more, but before that I'd like to remind you that I have recently released a twenty four page pdf outlining some of my favorite ways to raise my web rations and fien better almost immediately to get your free pdf was my. Joker does DOT COM forward slash? Feel better now. That's my seven juxtapose dot com follow today's feel better now all right, so let's bring on our special guest today. Who happens to be our second dime? Guest Ajaria Shuna so a CIA is a globally recognized spiritual leader and Wittig Lineage Order, who awakens health and consciousness through thick sciences of Ira Way Danta and Yoga, and she's a driving force behind noble and online, nor for profit wisdom, school and worldwide spiritual community, and the author of the bestselling book on the Reading Art of mind, body and soul, wellbeing and health I iradar lifestyle, wisdom, and forthcoming second book with sounds drew of Italy's in two thousand and twenty sovereign self so a Ajaria welcome once again. Are you ready to inspire I? Am Ready to inspire and thank you for inviting me back. I really enjoyed our conversation last time create. I did as well. And, so to begin our session today to begin our conversation today. What is your favorite or that? One Inspirational Court that is on your mind these days, and how you are of applying it in your in your life I'm really been condom leading on our food for word, Sanskrit statement by a teacher of non-relative duality from India Shankar up, and he had said them Jagan Michio which it really means is that. Everything I see is a lower order of reality and the theater in me is of a higher order of reality, and that is allowing me to be more within and give less importance to what's going on without me if you know what I mean. Wonderful thanks a lot for shedding BRAHMA MUSSET SUTTON JAN meteorite. Yes, which means that what you see around you? That is allusively at his transient at his changing. What is done is your true self, your eternal self, and that is something that you have to discover for yourself and then, but there are things that you can do to help you and facilitate that process. Of discovering their sovereign cells, and that's what we're going to talk about today so a Ajaria. What is a you're either? Because there's so many definitions right, there are so many connotations I grew up in India so I have a certain view of Irish. You studied Iowa and learn from the masters all your life. So, what is your understanding or your definition of I read? The description of IRA denial weight is or in the sketches. These, are you show V? The High Veda which means the Veda Veda means the knowledge off life is. And so I was a teaching from the ancients years, if India, which happily were men and women known as we. She's into Shaka's. was really a putting together a lot of wisdom. That connects SAS to life to the source of life. Rich may be make on Rana, or you know soul or consciousness ultimately, and how does it play out in the different containers of life, which is the body, the senses, the mind, the, and even the soul, which is really an Ospent of that super consciousness, a carrier of that universal consciousness, and so therefore I another at the Incheon sages who? Who gave us? Yoga will give us meditation. They also give Messiah that today. More and more people call it holistic medicine, which is totally fine, because it's way more holistic than any other medicine that I haven't gone to. At least or at least it's compatible to a lot of holistic ancient traditions from the word, it's no way behind it and be discreet. Discuss some of that in our previous. Discussion, but to. I would say that it's spiritual. Medicine is spirits medicine. That's why in India. Sometimes they call it. It's God's own medicine. And they ancient does Aj may have these celestial healers known as the Ashini Chimeras these are these twin brothers who care of the all the medical needs of the gods, and they are said to be the first I obey. The doctors apparant the living today in the heavens, so I love all these connections of spirituality.

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