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Fox's Steve Harrigan several other states marking record highs for new cases including Utah Idaho and South Carolina travel to much of Europe from the US could be banned due to rising covert nineteen cases the E. U. is compiling a list of countries whose citizens will not be allowed back into Europe once virus restrictions are lifted about fifteen million Americans visit Europe every year putting a stop to the destruction of monuments and statues president trump threatening lengthy prison sentences for offenders he signed an executive order dealing with some of these monuments and threatening to take federal funding way to local cities and towns that do not to protect these monuments he announced that yesterday now in some cases monuments were taken down by city officials but in many cases these monuments were taken down with chains and set on fire Sox's David sponde debate over the state flag of Mississippi has been contentious state lawmakers meeting this weekend could vote to remove the Confederate emblem from the flag in a tweet governor Tate Reeves says lawmakers have been deadlocked for days he goes on to say if they sent a bill he'll sign it America is listening to fox news congratulations to A. two oh eight one ROC to a to a way to

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