Clint Smith - burst 10



Just you know the thinking about. That people begin to us about Black Boys, and if I'm gone girls black children from an early age that is coated with with something that is implicit, sometimes something much more sinister to to make my son cleared. There's nothing wrong with him to make my daughter clear that there's nothing wrong with her Even when there are people who are telling them that and don't even realize that they're. They're doing so. It's interesting you say that I. was trying to explain to my daughter what the protests were about and why people were so upset and her reaction was. That makes me so sad. I feel scared and I said, that's okay to feel those things and then my almost thirteen year old came to me and was like so, what are you doing about the protests? Mostly okay like tables turned. You know And I also you know I don't know with my kids how? Realistic or optimistic to

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