#463 - Bryan Fischer Hangs Up on David C. Smalley

Dogma Debate


Back to the show, Brian. It's good to be with you. Good to be back with. WHO. Me and I'm telling you. I have this this this issue? That's going on right now. The protests. The. Stance on police. Youth think you have. A basis for disagreement in a lot of people listening to this show because of the folks I have on and those types of conversations, but. I'm telling you people agree on one thing, and then you have something like this. Come up and you'll see people. Have Been, ride or die fans of the show for years. If I say one thing that they disagree with in this emotional heightened state boy, they will flip and turn and it. It's it's volatile right now. In social media is a It's kind of A A place where all a lot of that is collecting, and so my first question to you other than how you ben is. Have you noticed that? Are you noticing more backlash? Are you noticing some of your fans Kinda? Come at you in a way. You didn't really expect over over all of the stuff. Where all haven't seen a lot of that with my particular audience, but I've sure seen. A lot of that in the public conversation I'm GonNa change like tensions are running. A more higher than I. Seen in quite a while I'm sure as to the circumstances surrounding. The death of George Floyd, but temperatures are really high right now on conversations. Exchanges where people can. Exchange valid launch view. Those are few and far between right now. Yet and that's what I'm hoping with this show. That's you know There will definitely still be dogma debates going on, but there are so many other issues that people sort of bring that same talent to the table with of. One hundred percent right and if you're wrong, you're not just an incorrect person. I can respect I have to plow over you and destroy you and a lot of times. People just talk past each other you know people will hold up a sign and say black lives, matter and. Protesters with trump flags will scream blue lives matter. Well Yeah I think. It's still obvious that that we don't want cops to die right. I think it's still obvious that blue lives do matter in people scream out. All lives matter. The response is Duh. I mean that's that's not the point of black lives, matter and I think it gets lost in. You know people with a message that are protesting are trying the have to be quick and concise. It's Hashtags at signs. It's chance it's. It's they've got be. They've got to operate in soundbites. And a lot of there's no room for nuance on on a on a protest sign. So. The I the the basic concept behind black lives matter. is since the inception of the country. White lives have mattered. COPS have mattered. A lot of people have mattered, and it feels like. With the statistics with the police brutality, however you WanNa, word it. It feels like black lives have not mattered as much. So when people say black lives matter, they are not saying only black lives matter they are saying black lives matter too and. We want the world to acknowledge that, but then a lot of times that gets missed misconstrued as an offence on police. Right so I, wanted to give you an opportunity I. Don't know if you've ever heard it broken down like that, but I want to give you an opportunity to respond to your views on that specifically on black lives matter in their message. Well I saw conversation the other day. What really a conversation kind of a shouting match? For somebody had a an all lives matter expression on a placard. Something like that. and. He was jumped by somebody from the black lives. Matter Movement I think for some of the similar reasons that you're talking about David. But if you stop and think about that if your. View is that all lives matter which is my view, which is a biblical view, the all lives matter every human being has created in the image of God and therefore is infinite worth. Than what that means Masive lives matter? Then that means that black lives matter. As well as white lives, all lives matter than black lives are included in have. Black lives matter, so that's kind of a. that's kind of the way I come at this night. I understand and on paper? All of that makes sense. I think the problem is I think we would both agree that if you want. I live in the same neighborhood. Both of our houses matter. Our neighbor houses our neighbor's house matter. and. If your house caught on fire, Brian. And The Fire Department came barreling down the street to put the fire out. In you outside in your robe. You and your wife are are upset and you're crying. You're saying man. My photo albums man my. Life is so important to me. And I'm standing next to you and I go, Brian. My stuff's important to. My photo albums are important to. You're not special. And why is the Fire Department just focusing on your house? Guys Look. My house matters to. Don't you spray a little water on my house? To make sure it doesn't catch on fire. I'm important. quit whining about all of your belongings. Brian I have important stuff to. That is what black lives matter here's. That's what I hear when people say white lives matter. We're not saying you're wrong. We're not saying a lives don't matter. We're saying what you're missing. The point of the protest is that black lives feel like they're under crisis right now and the the response, all lives matter is ignoring the cry for help. Well I think that depends see I I'm not saying white lives matter. That's not my slogan. Understand my slow. My slogan is all lives matter. And, I mean that. I can understand how people might perceive that. There's a favouritism for certain live at isn't given the others book. That's not as not my view. That's not the way I look at it. I. Think all lives matter. I think everybody's house matters. In fact, I think everybody's business matters yet. One of the unfortunate things we've seen in the rioting looting. That's taking places. How many minority owned businesses have been shattered in the ground and in some cases I? Mean I've. I've seen interviews with shopowners that put everything they own their entire life. Savings went into that business, and at all, got shattered and burned to the ground virtually instantly while they matter to me, they have been the be black. Wise the they're human beings made in the image of God. They had dreams of hopes for that business. I think everybody's OUGHTA. Be Concerned about that and everybody feel their thanks for what's happened to it and I think most people do. And I I want to get into that I do I do I'll I'll make a note here on looting, but I don't want to skip over this point without us finding some common ground here because The the problem I see with shouting matches in the streets is..

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