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In a letter just a short drive from his hometown of Marietta Georgia


In shape who who who used the time off that that staying in shape or get better shaper heal nagging injuries and you got out of shape because they they thought there was gonna be a Stephen there will be some of that unfortunately but before we see the guys played in an NBA game it's impossible to know which teams if they prepared and which teams may let go of the rope over the extended break it down a recent guest of the J. R. sports brief here on CBS sports radio radio dot com's Jon Heyman tweets there's no evidence of progress yet in talks between major league baseball and its players so no realistic hope of meeting tomorrow to soft deadline of a return to play deal so the two sides still remain hopeful that July fourth start to the season if they can get a deal done in the June fifth through ninth range NASCAR closing out a busy two weeks with its fifth race in that span the supermarket heroes five hundred from Bristol motor speedway Brad Keselowski started on the pole after winning

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