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The college football of fame who was a target protesters of the latter Georgia Friday night caught up in the frenzy of defacing and damaging the C. N. N. center and centennial Olympic Park in the downtown area the mob took their anger out of the nearby hall breaking the building's front windows and looting the gift shop the protesters supposedly over the killing of a black man while in the custody of Minneapolis police but public officials in law enforcement say the rights to nothing to honor or grieve the victims the violence has been egged on by outside influencers Ronda Racha reporting since the officials plan to go straight to the playoffs it's handing out a handful of trophies for the regular season cut short by the coronavirus Washington's Alex Ovechkin and Boston's David pastrnak share the Maurice rocket Richard trophy as the top goal scorers after tying with forty eight although the Vatican was stopped short of a ninth fifty goal season his ninth goal scoring title expenses at HR record or the store is a town hall dot com I Patrick foss

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