Ep. 31 - Behind the Gates with Mark Meadows - burst 6


Is for Ted Nine A. Fighting for freedom is a twenty, four seven, three hundred sixty five day a year job in an it is calling. It's a calling and you know whether I'm here Tamara or gone tomorrow you. You gotTA. Give it your utmost while you're there. the president comes under unbelievable attacks, and and what it is doing is preparing him to make the best decisions. He's a decision maker, and just like when he called out the Ted, he says Ted. I WANNA. Make sure that gets done. That's a good idea and he expects it to get done. and. You think you'll will forget. He never forget. Never forget you know it's very interesting. This point of the unexpected and chaos I don't know if our microphones are able to pick it up, but right now we're here at the White House, outside you can hear. The protests have been raging for weeks. We know there have been riots around the country cities burning down. Is the opinion here in Washington and in the White House.

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