L.A. Mayor Garcetti Requests National Guard Deployment Amid Los Angeles Protests


It's not a scene we've seen in almost three decades National Guard patrolling the streets of Los Angeles sitting county valley under state of emergency after another day of protests and once the mayor going to the governor to request the help of the guard initially asking for five hundred troops for Los Angeles is turned out to be one thousand guardsmen it was inevitable as the violence of the looting and all the fires continue to grow former sheriff Jim McDonnell was speaking on KABC TV saying it's a huge task for any policing agency when you look at the geography of the city Los Angeles alone four hundred and sixty seven square miles and so it is a daunting task to be able to try and put peace to ticket to a chaotic situation like this and truly the LAPD or any other police organization can't do it without the help of the public which started as a peaceful demonstration at pan Pacific park turned ugly twenty thousand people showed up and that started an overflow and March into the Fairfax district violence began police cars were torched in stores were looted some were set on fire police in riot gear watched and used force where necessary but wasn't response used by the LAPD of the last century according to police chief Michael Moore so what we're trying to do is is approach people that are just out here standing down there if they're at risk and we're asking them to go home in it and we're also telling people that if they refused to go home or to become persistent and insisting on staying outside we are we are and we'll make arrests

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