Elevate Others


My name is Mary or race, and you're listening to the hacking. Your leadership podcast guests series by Bam The most impactful leader or mentor, my life has been Akbar Sheikh and the reason he has been the most impactful because when I started my entrepreneurial journey, he taught me that make more give more giving back to the world. What's most important so when he does succeed? And we're talking success financially. He takes a portion of that a percentage of everything he earns, and he gives back to the world whether it's giving eyesight to children or building wells in Africa in villages. Were these children have to walk miles order to drink fresh water? To me, that was the most impactful because it switched how I saw elevating others the movement on creating so it's getting everything that I'm doing I make sure I'm giving back and I'm giving back to the world. The first mistake I made as a leader. And it was the first of many was that. I used politics as a leader rather than being a true leader, so I saw myself as a manager I did not see myself as a leader. I think a true leader. Help. People grow rather than telling them what to do. So at a very early age, became a leader at twenty six years old, running into international trading desk and I did it I. The biggest mistake was that I did not put the power in the people who were working on my team. Rather I was using politics to use them against one another to see who could excel further and faster and bring more revenue into the table once. I realized that mistake. That's when I realized what a truly did was. The difference between a good leader and a great leader I. Think a good leader, a mediocre leader because good is mediocre A good leader is more of a manager. A manager is someone who tells people what to do. A leader is someone who is GONNA stand in front of everybody and take them on the journey and elevate them and put them on that path to success. Whatever success means to them that leaders be in the front of the pack. They are not going to be in the back telling. Telling people what to do, they are going to show their show. By example sharing the stories sharing the fail failures, a great leader should never be afraid to talk about their failures or the failures of the team as a whole, they should come together and look at it as a learning experience, and a truly understands that the people that are on their team. They are going to make mistakes. They are going to have failures, but a true leader. GonNa turn that into a learning experience and help them grow. How do I measure success? There are two types first off. If we look at it in in the business world or in the entrepreneurial world, it's people take ownership when people take ownership of their wins and take ownership of their failures and correct that to me that is that is everything that's where success truly lies. When people take responsibility for everything they're doing whether it's for an organization for themselves or for team. Now we can also look at it. I'm a father. I have three beautiful daughters. How do I measure their success? I measure their success by. Are they doing the things are truly passionate about. Are they acting in a way where they're spreading love to the world, and they're taking care of other people. They're being compassionate. They're practicing empathy if they're doing those things and they're and they're truly living their life with passion purpose. Then, I know I've done something right, and they are doing something right because they are no longer going to exist. They are truly going to live and live a fulfilled life.

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