Jo Koy Took Me to The Philippines (w/ Andrew Orolfo)

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So. So! So far. Guys welcome back to another episode of Asian Not Asian podcast a podcast where Asian guys now from Asia talk about American issues no, American cares about I'm your host a? Win and today is June thirteenth. Saturday on some big things pop in this week on my youtube. Feed Dave Chapelle just released like a new half hour. Thing to see that that was. Unexpected, obviously very powerful. I know he's kind of I. Mean He's a controversial figure. That's what he does. That's why he he here's who he is, but I think it was. It was interesting because he is He says himself. It's like a very. It's very raw. Yeah, it's not like A. Comedy comedy special where you're sitting there. Laughing, which I think is is fine. I don't I don't feel like being funny. I over. I never feel like being funny, but like I would like now. Especially, it's like it's not you know it's not like joke joke time, so it was. It was cool. Man I checked it out. and. It was interesting. What'd you think of it I liked it. I mean I like that while you know, we been all dying. We're all COMEDIANS Iran fucking dining back on stage. It was just every time i. see one of those things because people have been doing pop up. Comedy shows so I always try to figure out like Ooh, what can I do to do a live show again and they show a little bit of the processing for him. Like I mean he lives in Ohio which makes everything way easier, 'cause. You and I joke that to to do a live show New York. You and I would. Would have to buy property, and you're like you're only half joking because that is probably what we have to do is buy three what it is, but in Ohio because you go to like a farm, and like people don't care what you do, you could just I've I've been to so many parties in the middle of cornfields. Nobody gives a fuck so like I think that's kind of what he did. He just like I mean I'm sure he paid these people, but it just seems like it was in the middle of nowhere social distancing was in place. People taking temperatures like so that was that was Kinda cool. To your point, like yeah, he talks about serious shit, but like I love how he could just make everything silly in an instant. You know he's like that. They knows power you can. Just he's talking about can police brutality, but then like. A half a second later. He's talking about Candice Owens Pussy or something like that. You know yeah, yeah, that's that's. That's as his jam, so it was. Funny I mean the other time I was really excited to hear I'm you know what he had to say was remember his sort of comeback was SNL. The week that Donald Trump won the election right right right and that set that he did on SNL first of all, it was very funny. It was very, you know he was a very tight only ten minutes long. And it was very like we needed to hear from somebody yeah. And that was a time when when people, this is just o back in two thousand sixteen, where things were simpler, and we just had to worry about Donald Trump. All sorts of horrible things have happened and. We're at the stage and he's you know. For people haven't seen it, Dave Chapelle, himself says hey I didn't put anything out. I didn't say anything because I didn't need to say anything. The the I was just here to listen and just ride along and other people were talking straight talking, which was great I thought that was perfect I never. I still you know. I don't think we need to hear from many celebrities and I think for him. He was just kind of getting something out. He wasn't trying to hijack the conversation. He was kind of like talking through it so like as a comedian. It was interesting to hear his process because. He's like crafting his thing. He's got his joke book. He's like hanging out on stage with his. You Know Rick Owens, outfit and I. It was like it was cool from that angle as a comedian. For me to see like his process, but it was also. I want to say Cathartic, but it was like it was. Another voice you WanNa, hear. Every going and I think that's the way comedy going to have to kind of adapt in that way. I think we know today we wanted to talk about like how comedy is kind of evolving. Obviously evolved with the coronavirus thing like you and I have talked about a lot about this where we've got all these jokes now about the virus, and we have all these things, but we haven't been on stage in three months or so and without going on stage. We don't know if these jokes are real. Like. They're not real. They're not. They're not proving right like. Jokes on the zoom show you get some laughs. Even if people are laughing and it's like going great you just you don't really know until you've tried it out in person. But a bunch of times onstage a bunch of different scenarios is that's really where you can tell so? We're all kind of figuring it. To your point, we're all electron. I'm not that exciting, I. Mean I missed end up a lot, but I don't want to do this halfway. Zoom parking lot. Like. Job Show. You? Real sex. Don't. Give me the dry rub over the pan. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the real thing. That's me man. Are Dixon out for comedy. That's what it is. So today with our guests. We kinda wanted to talk about that. You know because yes. We had to change her comedy to crowed up a now. So much shit is happening. We have to change her comedy again. To make sure it's appropriate for the new world, so I'm so excited. Talk to our guest today. I wanted to get him on for a long time He. He was visiting for a little bit, but it didn't work out, but now everything's Zoom so we can get him no matter where he is, he's a comedian based on that lay, and he's currently on joy coys, Joey's new netflix special called in his element so definitely check it out. Just dropped yesterday, which coincided with Filipino dependency which I didn't know that, so we can. That's kind of fun. Did you guys know? I don't know. That's why they did it. That make sense right. You'll be amazing if they didn't know that and they're like eighty. Should be on their more. I know. Yeah, give it up right now for Andrew a role so. What's up everybody. Wow I'm so happy to. Be on this forever, but. I didn't know if y'all, knew. Oh. God. We? Feel like you see you and I. Yeah, go ahead. So I remember I've I've been wanting to be on this pod for like ever since like may or may own. Since I knew you started doing this. And then I remember the Mike and I were texting, because you were in the bay doing shows, and we were just talking for a little bit, and you're like Oh. We gotta have you on the Pod, and then like you didn't. You didn't see it, but I would like. I teared up I was like hell. Yeah. You're always. Like. Dude I mean you know

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