Florida leads nation in average number of daily new coronavirus cases


Is holding onto an unfortunate ranking with nine thousand, four, hundred eighty eight new corona virus cases reported just today. Florida leads the nation outpacing California and Texas and having the most cases reported in a single day CNN's Randi Randy in Palm Beach. County Florida for us. Randi health officials are really putting the pressure on younger people to help slow the spread. Absolutely Jake. We're seeing now about one hundred sixty nine thousand cases statewide more than thirty six hundred deaths, and it's younger people who seem to be getting the most sick right now. The Median Age, the state of Florida for those testing positive is thirty seven years old. It used to be over sixty five and twenty five to thirty four year olds jake makeup, twenty percent of the state's entire number of cases, so it's definitely hitting the younger people. The latest numbers show that seven thousand miners in the state of Florida have been infected with Covid, and also the governor of course is not now closing the stay. There's no statewide. Statewide mandate to close it or to roll back any of the openings. He certainly leaving the beaches opens leading up to the counties. If you look over my shoulder this beach here in Palm Beach, county would normally on the holiday weekend be jam packed. certainly not going to be because it's closed as well as the beaches in Miami Dade, and also in broward, but some beaches. Jake are going to be left open Volusia County. They're gonNA monitor crowds with drones and Jacksonville beach is going to be left open because the mayor there says that it was the bars, not the beaches that caused the spike in

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