Boston - Local Colleges Are Looking To Reopen, At Least Partially, This Fall


Massachusetts is home to more than a hundred colleges and universities higher education is critically important to the Massachusetts economy a network of campuses serves more than half a million students between salaries operating budgets and sponsored research these institutions generate billions for the local economy but how will they adapt to this new reality I am currently on campus because I'm originally from Malaysia John Asia is a rising sophomore at Emerson College she says it's been tough adjusting to online learning after an abrupt end to classes it's really hard to just acknowledge that Mansell barrier that keeps us from being productive ninety Ryan just wrapped up her senior year at Boston University the ban on large gatherings postponed her graduation you said it died as soon as it's safe to do so they're gonna do commencement the question is on everyone's mind is what higher education will look like this fall a meeting of the minds trying to start answering that question today we are planning that a majority of our classes will be hybrid remote or online with a smaller number of on ground classes members in college president Dr Lee Pelton lead the virtual discussion hosted by the Boston chamber the round table revealing what the college experience could look like under our new normal smaller classes on campus Stanford dorm arrangements and more students learning remotely Boston University in north eastern say they plan to do their own testing we are going to do along testing we are going to do our own tracking and we are going to look at them the density of everything in the university for pairing with within the social justice and guidelines for how we could open up our campuses but with a host of options on the table the question of who will be willing to return still

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