Listener Mail: An Appreciation for of Cultural Perspectives


Well maybe we should I take a look at this e mail we got from Ming Now This was in response to our episode. M I B or in IB. I think this was to be feature this from the vault recently. I think we did. I believe we dared. Yeah Yeah So. This episode Concerned similarities underlying traditional paranormal experiences that people attribute to supernatural forces like the Devil. And then you know mid to late twentieth century experiences of the so-called men in black. Or what could be the you know what could be the common underlying psychology and stuff like that With those two types of experiences so essentially we're talking about the ways that ufo beliefs might spring from the same wells is more traditional religious or supernatural beliefs and toward the end of the episode. I think I wondered out loud if there is any modern folklore in Chinese culture similar to the alien abduction in men in black complex in in American culture. I couldn't find any evidence of that but I asked a listeners if they knew of anything like that and so in response. We got this great message from Ming. Ming says hi again Robert Joe. Hope you're both doing well and staying safe inside during this crazy time. Your playlists have been powering me. Through my work. From home days here in Toronto I wanted to write in after listening to the MIT or in IB EPISODE. Again as your conversation about aliens. Mib and what it'd be like In other cultures reminded me of Fu- fun thoughts. I'm not an ancient alien person but I do like to speculate in the name of science fiction and lower Growing up Chinese. I've also fed off of legends and myths of Asia. There's an idiom in Chinese that literally translates to heavenly clothes have no seams but figuratively describes things that are perfect. Flawless and seamless the story behind the idiom was written during the five dynasties and relates that a poet napping outside one night so heavenly figure descending from the skies. She was beautiful in her clothes were glowing. She introduced herself as the Weaver Girl. From the myth of the cowherd in the weaver girl and he noticed that her clothes had no seems when he asked about it. She simply answered. That clothes in heaven are made perfectly do not require stitching and therefore have no seems going off the aliens idea. It's fun to imagine if she had been alien and was wearing some kind of seamless body. Suit that aliens are often Kitted out with in movies to further link it to aliens in space. The weaver girl is the Chinese name. For the star Vega. The cowherd is in alter Which makes me wonder if she'd meant She was from Vega instead of actually being Vega or the weaver girl. Oh like she was from Vega which is great because Vega is where the alien radio signal comes from in. Carl Sagan's contact oh but Back to Ming's message There's also another piece of lore about Chinese legends that loosely relates to the theory of relativity a day in the heavens a year on earth protagonists of stories who were mortal or earthly to start with often. Find out too late that once they ascend to the heavens a single day up in the sky means a year has passed down on earth so the mortal family they once had were all gone by the time they've managed to finish the task. They needed to do up in the heavens. I've read some discussion in Chinese about this. Some people think that the concept came about because ancient people understood that time passes differently depending on perception but a great many who were into fi or the ancient alien troopers. Believe this is possible. Proof that an ancient people understood the theory of relativity because someone somewhere had experience with space travel. Anyway these stories have some very loose ties to things you spoke about in the episode beings descended from the heavens or space ancient alien sleep related phenomena. So thank you both for reminding me of these interesting if stray thoughts. Thank you also for pulling in threads from other cultures while discussing many of your topics it may seem a small act for you but it really enriches the podcast experience for people of other cultures. Keep doing what you do and much love from Toronto. Ming Awesome. Well that was a wonderful male. Obviously love to hear about a multicultural samples of some of the topics we've discussed and the other one was Was a real treat because I guess for me when I'm hearing this. It reminds me a lot of what. I'm pretty sure we discussed in that particular episode. The idea that like an incubus or sucky boatswain in various European traditions would have like a telltale flaw like goat feed or duck feet or something like that They would allow an individual to realize they were dealing with something that is not quite human and in a way this is a version of that right instead of a fly to perfection and like too much. Perfection is kind of a flaw in any sort of design that is allowing inhuman entity passes human. Yeah and I also really like this idea of ancient approximations of relativity now. Obviously I don't think it's very likely that that ancient Chinese people had experience with aliens or space travel. But I do think that relativity is one of those interesting things where you can intuit kind of General version of the theory just from experience of subjective experience of life right like you don't actually know that you know that the That mass or velocity alters space time you know or makes a you know extends or contracts space time you do at least know that time doesn't always feel like it flows at the same rate. Yeah you would. You would have some idea that that toiling in the soil Seems to take all day whereas just you know a an hour of pleasure seems to pass by in a moment so it seems reasonable that there would be the base acumen experience of of relativity. They'd be able to draw on and then working to some sort of You know a mythological structure but I do also like at this idea how there are myths of people going up into the heavens and then experiencing this time dilation It reminds me of like the scene in In interstellar where they have to go down to the planet that's very close to the black hole in the you know for them. They're down there for like twenty minutes or whatever but they come back to their Their their friend and colleague up in the space station. That's been orbiting it in for him. It's been twenty years.

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