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Bryant purple and yellow lakers diehard fans. You know just being a girl a white girl from wilmington delaware that loves this. Nba team in the nba guy. You know. I got bullet for it when i was younger. Actually and you know in highschool start hanging around with boys and you know they're just. Why do you have this sports boys room. You know all this stuff And it never knocked me in a sense. You know i'm like why doesn't everybody support koby because you know upon his death we obviously so that changed the world but you know sometimes when you have a specific sports figure or you love something. A lot of people won't support it. They just don't have the same amount of value as you so from all of this versity in opposition from people. It actually made me want to be better at basketball. You know i was that kid whose dad really pushed them. And i could not relate that to a lot of kids. It was almost like. I had this secret life at home. 'cause i didn't understand it. I was way too young you know. Why is basketball such disciplined right now. Why is basketball. Almost a number one thing. I have to do just because he saw how crucial certain outlets were in my life my entire life also. I wanted kobe. Bryant to notice me. I had seen him play at the seventy sixers against sixers fieldhouse. wells fargo. But i always wanted to go to l. a. And then he retired. So i thought well it's over you know. I'm never going to meet kobe. Coming to have to try to build my business so that maybe i could work at mamba kademi one day or be a trainer. There you know possibly start some of my interviews and you know i had metta world peace. Who was one of his big teammates and stuff. So maybe you know. I'll get connections for him and it never happened. So i'm a junior at villanova. We actually entered into the incidentally tournament that year in lost to university of notre dame where the champions that year so you know this year was a little bit different. That was the only time. I had went to the ncaa tournament as well as villanova athlete. I went once out of my four years. Which i still look back on and kind of regret a little bit but.

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