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And that's that tickets are selling well and I appreciate that. Though I've got word I got word came in that grand rapids needs a little help Orlando Florida needs a little help so those those are the markets That I'm having a little. That are moving as quickly as they could Michigan again in Florida Grand Rapids Orlando. I don't know what the connection is. But that's what's going on you guys man and I don't know sometimes when I'm on the road I am much more relaxed still. Have I think I broke my back into places. I'm still walking and obviously exaggerating by. Guess I've hit that age. Where perhaps maybe? It's not a great idea to go heavy. Do you know what I'm saying. And it's like just stay in shape. There's no reason to go heavy. I think I popped a vertebra. I don't know what the Hell I did. I guess I could ask the crew doc. The DOC doc over at the at the shoot if there's a chiropractor situation. I've never been to a chiropractor in my life. I don't really know what to do. My my best thinking gets meet the regular doctor. Where I get x-rays like a regular person and I find out if there's anything seriously wrong and then I figure out from the x rays? What what the prognosis is probably from aback? Guy And then I waited out. That's that's how my brain works. Some people apparently are like. Maybe you just drink some green juice. I go to a chiropractor and I don't know if that's GonNa hurt me more isn't but nonetheless. I think I might have done it. I think I might fucked myself for the rest of my life in in the back area which happens to a lot of people over lesser. Things I did it. Who Roic we at the gym? I'll deal with it. I gotTA deal with it. I know it. I'm not complaining of here making a movie but I realized my life revolves around a certain amount of food panic and then a certain amount of introspection. Listen and the way. I- situate my life on the road. I I come back to the room. I walk a half a mile to the whole foods and I I make myself dinner dinner at whole foods and I sit there at. They have a beer bar at the whole foods downtown here our midtown Atlanta and I eat it and I watched the TV. There would no sound. That's how that's that. That was this evening I was actually there and I forgot to tell you about this. I was there on the night of the Golden Globes eating a sad salad at at whole foods and And next extra the only other guy sitting there was a guy wearing three different types of Cammo Komo hat different kind of Cammo shirt and different CAMMO pants and he was wearing sunglasses and he was five beers in to a six pack of cans of some Mexican beer and I told them that I had interviewed Brad Pitt and Leo Dicaprio City grew up by Brad Pitt went to different high school but they had common friends and that he he would like to listen to the podcast but he does not have a phone or computer and that Isa a country singer songwriter but real country. The conversation got weirder as the last couple of years went down. But I told him I'd I'd look out for his music without knowing his name and he said he'd he listened to my podcast without having a phone or computer so I think that went about is as good as it could with folks every year. There's probably something you want to get started on but you just let it go and let it go and then all of a sudden the year's gone it's overkill well. Don't wait this year..

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