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415 other days are fairly similar unless the president is travelling in which case the day's run longer on wednesday this week for example the president meets at eleven am for his intelligence briefing he then has executive time until two pm where he meets with the norwegian prime minister his last official duty a video recording with hope picks at four p m uh on okay so those are pretty bad and then there next bullet point is on thursday the president hasn't especially late schedule policy him quote policy time at eleven a m like that's not even a thing they're just like okay we have to put something on this day policy time at eleven a m than executive time at twelve p m than once for an hour then more executive time from one thirty so what the fuck that's just it like that is i'm series if you google preschoolers schedule it will look very similar to the really i'll have it'll be story time pray alrabei arts and crafts time and circle time put the focus policy time plainly somewhere show mike poster like this he was guelleh's rock i don't know i i it seems like maybe they're just trying to remove him from all consequential action and decisionmaking and then like every once in a while he flares up in as like i wanna have a media on tv and they're like okay and then completely oon himself in the meeting yeah what so what happened with that meeting he had a bipartisan meeting about daca and oh today's we me with a dan find sale with die and you're like he does she just basically asked him to like like she said what the decrypt liked what the democrats wanted was a clean daca bill before talking about immigration for and he's guy i think we can do that right and this agreed to in all the republicans are like knew what the fuck no that's not how this works you gray not what we want remember what team you're on some wasn't there something similar this morning with a tweet where he this morning so yeah they're like of their voting to really reauthorize a fis act the foreign intelligence surveillance act and the white house position is to reauthorize it brick as they wanna make sure that they can surveilled wherever they need to keep all the.

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