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With Allstate. You can really save. Find out just how much you can save today, Visit all ST dot com or calling agent to get a quote. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p Traffic storm team for meteorologists Lauren Rick. It's not too bad of a day. Those temperatures are going to be above normal for daytime highs were headed up to around 50 degrees or average temperature. I was in the low forties 43 a little bit of a breeze at times, But finally, we're getting some sunshine Temperatures again. Not to bad. Pretty mild for a January day Now overnight. We're in the twenties and thirties where we've been the past several nights. Maybe a few flurries. Passing buying will keep a chance of a snow shower. Fleury tomorrow Otherwise, wins will be the main story for your inauguration Day, Gus Up in over 35. Miles an hour means wind shows We're gonna be in the twenties and low thirties because our air temperature on Lee around 40 degrees tomorrow, there Saying Friday. We're doing a little bit better. Partly sunny will have a breeze at times both days, But temperatures will be in the mid to upper forties this weekend gold but sunny temperatures in the mid to upper thirties I'm starting for meteorologist Lauren Records, some parts of the area already. At or above 50 degrees. It's 51 in Fair Oaks. We are at 47 in Gaithersburg, 51 in German town, 44 Sunny in northwest Washington, and it's brought to you by Len the Plumber trusted same day service seven days a week. 1 22, Now new Today, one of the seven wanted by the FBI in connection with an assault on a D C police officer has now turned himself in charging documents and photos show the tally Gross Jankowski holding a Taser inside the Capitol on January.

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