Venezuela, Mike Pompeo, Nicolas Maduro discussed on America's Morning News


Eight is the twelfth of March six minutes past the hour. New this morning secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US is withdrawing the last of its staff from its embassy in Venezuela citing the deteriorating situation. He announced the decision late Monday as Venezuela's struggles to restore power following days of blackouts. And of course, that deepening political crisis. The US has lead an international effort to oust the socialist President Nicolas Maduro and replace him with opposition leader, Juan Guido, but Guido guidos backed by some fifty countries Maduro, though, he maintains that support from countries such as China Russia and Cuba Pompeo says the remaining diplomats in Venezuela will be removed by the end of the week airlines Ethiopia, China, Indonesia and elsewhere have grounded the Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight jetliner after the second devastating crash of one of the planes and five. Five months, but Boeing's that had had no reason to pull the popular craft from the skies as they used to African country. Mourned the one hundred fifty seven victims of the airlines plane that went down in clear weather shortly after take-off Sunday, investigators found the jet liner's two flight recorders the latest that team of US investigators has arrived, and they are looking into the crash. The White House won't say if President Trump thinks Democrats are anti Israel on Friday. The president said Democrats have become the anti Jewish party after the house did it directly review. Freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the president's comments on Monday..

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