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Waterboy dot org is a nonprofit that raises money. So they can put clean drinking wells in in the country are in the continent of Africa Tanzania most more specifically, they do a climb up Kilimanjaro with NFL players and veterans every February to raise awareness and right now. They're in the process of holding their annual foundation fundraiser tonight. So Chris, and I for the last two days we're trying to figure out a way to to get him on the show. And he's got donors. He's got donors there. He's got people there that that that he needs their time. But he was willing to on a flight back to Philly yesterday to ring the bell for the Philly Toronto game and one of the big questions. A lot of people have is is on the football side of things is is he going to be an eagle next year. He's been really really dominant force in what they've done one year. He wins the SuperBowl. What the New England Patriots the next year. He moved down south to Philadelphia and wins a Super Bowl. They're a little more about Chris before we get them on or efforting to make sure we get him on the phone here. He was. You know is the son of pro football hall of fame member. Of course, how long he played college football at Virginia where he was recognized as unanimous all American, and I thought this was interesting, of course, because of my history, right? He was the he was selected by the St Louis Rams in two thousand eight and he was the second overall pick. So there's not many there's not many second overall picks out there. How many drafts have there been in history? Right. There's been it was the first draft quite a few. Yeah. But I mean, quite a few. Yes. But in in terms of of time, let's say there. What's what there's been six? The first NFL draft was nineteen thirty six. Sixty sixty drafts probably seven almost eighty. So there's radi-. So there's there's seventy-second picks in the NFL draft in an all time. We're told there was no there's going to be no mass. Well, we're trying to get Chris on the phone here. We'll let's kind of jump back towards that. Speaking of Philly, right? The chances for them with the youth. They showed they showed coach Brown's win loss record over his first what six years in the league, they won ten games their first year like eighteen and then like seventeen nineteen and then a twenty eight and then a jump to fifty two and fifty one. This is what you would consider probably as. On the game plan. Right. This was their blueprint. They were going to. Tank to get the high draft picks. Right. The process, they the what would be the only one you really felt all they've missed out on a couple of right? They missed out on. What Noelle's is Nerlens? Noel was kind of a bust Marco full-time. They could've had Jason Tatum last year. Right. So I mean, they had many opportunities in the guys that they got in play right now are doing a tremendous job and beat eventually came around. Ben Simmons got off to a slow start. But he has been a great player. You mentioned he's not a great shooter. But that's something you can develop. You.

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