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Two hundred pounds out of the cars. And then we worked with Molla and row sheets and for performance to get our Motors ready to handle up to three hundred additional controllable horsepower nitrous. So what what is this fucking nutty motor that you that is that's a it's called R Y forty five. It's a it's basically, it's basically a lot of the nine NASCAR technology. Nascar's three fifty eight our car is four hundred and fifty five cubic inches. Do you have any regulation? On your line. Our look at that that that that's being redone. Do you have any regulations on your horsepower? So what are the regulations? I mean, I know there's a book, but the the short version of it how close or how far can you be from a production must sure unibody must remain the same. You can lightweight it. You can cut some things you can cut up to the shock towers. Okay. Okay. So cut to the shock towers, and we build basically crushed structures from shock towers out because we are throwing ourselves at walls. You hit them the car does get shorter. So it's easy to fix. Bumper budget proper budget. Yeah. And so basically unibody remains the same. You can move suspension pick up points up two inches and drive trains unlimited. That's the that's affected a lot of freedom. I mean, there's a tired of weight rule. So basically based on the width of your tire what it measures on formula drift tool defines, the weight that you have to be what's your what's your favorite? I mean, not to give away trade.

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