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So here's the thing about the person's like why did i. Why am i here. It was like a jumping off point. So but i was obsessed with listening to him and it was very hypnotic to me and i wanted to learn from him because he was so confident. I would listen to him. I would sit outside my car. Above the communist. I lived right above the congress. John miller drive my car and listen to him. Because i'd never radio inside it was. It wasn't on the computer yet. You were on promoting a stand up special you had done at the was that the l. tall theater probably and you said We're shooting I shouted at the el portal theatre burbank. And he said. I went to high school in burbank. And you went. Yeah that's why we show it there. He didn't and then he was anyway. My high school like he just went on about a twenty minute. And it's like. I don't think you even realized how funny that was to me at the moment because i'm always like he he'll turn everything around and figure out a way to make in my top five brody stevens yelling at the comics or audience on new year's eve. Two thousand seven is like my number one and just who was my warm back at the el portal theatre. A one road stevens. We love stephen schuylkill him. So you know we talked about doing this podcast a couple of days ago. All you guys..

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