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In a new story as saying that california's opioid problem is episodic compared to the east coast would you call the killing field given this rise infant deaths where do you think it's headed here so i talked with a lot of people around the country i'm attend conferences and and and other national forums and i would say the mood among public health public policy folks doctors is more pessimistic than optimistic of the synthetic wave as i call it is likely to take over the country it's just been much slower on the west coast and has been the east coast is there anything that can be learned from other parts of the country that have been dealing with this so intensely for a longer period of time in the midwest and northeast it's all hands on deck everyone is heightened state of awareness and involved there have been impressive rollouts drug treatment impressive rollouts of the antidote naloxone there have been increases in harm reduction efforts at the same time there's some disheartening net it's not working as well as like is there anything california can do that other states haven't tried yet and we can do that in much more real time then we can while waiting for karnal reports which are a year or so behind.

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