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She's the only teachers she knows in Philadelphia who teaches critical race theory in public high school. On that video, she says Critical race theory is not being taught in schools. It is a theory it is alleged by which to view history in the way that law and race kind of overlap. And connect in society. Ha ha! One of the chief proponents of critical race theory, a public intellectual by the name of Abram X Candy best known for his Children's book. What is It Woke Baby anti racist baby. It's a Children's book that teaches your baby not to be racist. He has been advocating critical race theory. He has been a proponent of critical race theories used critical race theory to determine that every single system we have in the United States. Promotes the subjugation of minorities specifically of black people. And that's sort of the the myth about critical race theory is that there is any sort of examination as to whether systems are inherently racist. That examination has been done long ago. And guess what folks systems have been decided to be racist. Even Abram X Candy is saying nine. I don't advance critical race theory. What are you talking about? This is because even the left knows how toxic this is. So what they're attempting to do is what they always do. Notice how there is not a single liberal who will call him or herself a liberal. What do they call themselves? Progressives because the word liberal has so many negative connotations because of you know how crazy liberals have gotten over the last 30 years that they simply redefined their entire political movement, not liberalism. Not neo socialism, not democratic socialism. Progressivism. We want progress, as though the progressives of the early 20th century fighting Bob La Follette and Teddy Roosevelt and the like, would even recognize what new progressivism Is, ironically enough. There is nothing more totalitarian in American political philosophy. Then what liberalism and progressivism have now become. But the charge is that Republicans are being totalitarian in their regulation of what's being taught in schools. We cat teach these dangerous theories. What is this? The the Scopes Monkey trial. We can't teach evolution commode. Education is the search for truth, Correct. Two plus two will never equal five. No matter how much big brother tells you that it should. That's education, right? I can remember 10 15 years ago when there was a huge debate about whether creationism should be taught in biology class because a significant number of people believe that God created the world. God created everything in seven days. Should that be taught? No, no, said the educators, of course not, because why it's not true. Evolution has been proven by science. The science is settled. Well, guess what, folks, The history is settled, no matter how many different interpretations people who ignore basic facts about the founding of this country and what this country has been For the last 200. Plus years. It doesn't change the central tenet of critical race theory. The central tenet of whatever it is that the left is now telling us that the garbage that's being taught in history class and social studies classes and sociology classes and philosophy classes. Whatever they're telling us that it's now called because of course, they're trying to get away from the label Critical race theory. They're saying no, no, we're teaching equity. We're teaching. Societies. Truth? No, it's not. The central tenant is that every single system that has arisen in America from its political system to its system of justice. To its system of economics. Free market capitalism has been designed to oppress the specific design. The specific aim was to promote white supremacy. Even the most basic fourth grade understanding of American history or world history knows that this is not correct. Free market capitalism, American capitalism has lifted more people of all races out of poverty has improved the socioeconomic status of more people by far than any other system in any other country in the world. There is nowhere else in the world where people are freer to create their own destiny. It is, in fact, the most pernicious of myths and flat out lies to tell people that in America today or America at any point Since the civil rights movement has not been the freest, best place to live, and this is proven, just look at what's going on at the southern border. For God's sakes. If America was as horrible and it's racist to place As its its imagine to be. Why are there people by the millions willing to risk death? Willing to get indebted to drug cartels in order to come here so they could be subjected or enslaved by White American society. It's nonsensical. People of all races. Have succeeded here beyond anyone you want. You want another way to disprove? Uh The idea that systems are are advanced to promote systemic discrimination and xenophobia and everywhere racism all this. What did we hear about after the salon shootings in Atlanta for a month? How the lingering after effects of Donald Trumpism led to a rise in anti Asian discrimination. Hell, we were told that Americans were so racist. We couldn't even call the coronavirus, the Wuhan virus or the China virus, because we would be so triggered to just sort of get in our pickup trucks. Wave are American flags and start beating random Asian Americans in the streets. This is quite literally what progressives think of you. We were told that were so racist and we're so xenophobic. What ethnic group Has succeeded on balance. More than any other. Asian Americans. Whether from Japan, China Korea. Or India. There are more business owners as a percentage. Than any other race. S a T and a C T scores are higher amongst Asian Americans than they are for white Americans. In a systemically racist society. How do you account for that? Well, dad, there are exceptions to the rule. No, The rule is Asian Americans score higher on standardized testing than white Americans. Explain that except we're still racing well, Dad. We're creating systems to keep down black Americans. Okay, so Of all the racial and ethnic groups. It's just anti black racism by everyone else. That's a fiction. No country in the world has done more to advance the cause of freedom and liberty for black Americans, and for all Americans, then over the course of the United States is history. We are the only nation on earth that has ever gone to war with itself to free people from the bondage of slavery. We've literally you think Rome. Was going to work You think you think wore a Rome where a Augustus Caesar Was sending his troops to march on his Golic territories because they were keeping slaves that did not happen through out world history, slavery and this notion. That slavery and the subjugation, racism and xenophobia against two different peoples is somehow uniquely American. That's been the way of the world since the dawn of civilization. My goodness. Are we going to talk about the slave trade in Africa that allowed the Atlantic slave trade to exist? Guess what.

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