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Thirty two million dollar offer hundred fifty year hundred fifteen year old private college ended academic activity this past summer in the wake of a scandal led to criminal charges being filed against one of its former top finance officials no word yet on the plans the masons plants we almost sixteen acre property was used time six fifty five a watery crisis in an Italian city known for its water features record setting flooding the highest levels of fifteen years mark square completely under water coming up on both my knees once again the people here are still really in the aftermath shops were just starting to re open it already the water is lapping at store fronts were expecting it to be like this all week long here in Saint mark's square Maggie really reporting from Venice wins news time six fifty six now Bloomberg moneywatch on ten ten win some parts of the rust belt cannabis companies are stepping in filling the void left behind when previous manufacturers faltered our mission is to partner with medical schools to do research and to also locate our facilities in areas that need economic development and job creation Rebecca Myers is the founder and CEO of pharmaceutical are acts the medical marijuana business is growing and processing cannabis in a refurbished factory in feral Pennsylvania barrels a very proud community with a long history of steel related industrial activities much of which has suffered tremendously father rust belt towns have welcomed the legalization of medical marijuana and the business it could bring Eastlake Ohio is home to grow or Buckeye relief Meyer says the funding success and local hiring at pharmaceutical our acts are helping to grow the local economy they're bringing in industry of tomorrow to.

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