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Brady probably got was it. Tom ridge in probably probably somewhere in the marriage. Don't worry about it. We were never that Brady anyways. i heard there was at least one person who was very interested in brady. And then course. Trent brown was. Hey you know get him. He told me that last year. So i don't know You know it was interesting. Derek carr who asked to. Hey you know. Basically i you know i miss would miss jackson with ms running ads. And he didn't say anything about trent brown for whatever reason i don't know he just didn't who cares car was that mo fo or not yourself talk to tied up and talk if it doesn't have an effective howard can change things on the field. Its own noise and you know. I'm in a business where there's a lot of noise so i you know. Maybe i contributed to that sometimes. But i like talking about substantial stuff and over the years. I've noticed that the hunger and thirst for substantial nfl information is really been outweighed by sensationalism. Ano- out of it social media. I'm old enough. I covered anfal teams when there was no social media as the good old days. But i hope derek spend much time worrying about that because it's no big deal moving right along. We do a lot of polls. Silver and pride were very inclusive. We want fan engagement. We do pose to involve and let people have their voices heard. And oh by the way we get new staff members at sylvan. Black pride Beatty williams marcus johnson matt holder. All excellent owner the raiders. Well all do stuff that i really don't. And that's kind of film work in scouting. I'm a journalist. Geyser kind on the scouting side so it gives you a good you know it mixes thereby can't worry about the news. They they kind of go inside the film work if you will and i think it's a great addition it's a great fit to good site anyways going back to those. We do polls on expectations. I did a poll on. Who do you think the biggest edition. This year was might. It was ningbo. Screw that name about well. I think it's because i had the fans give them a chance to say and they think it's gus bradley. Expectations on gusts bradley. Who's going to lead the team in interceptions this year overwhelming trayvon more the second round pick safety. He's going to be the interception leader. According to fans for a team that had just ten in subsidized. Who's going to be the x factor on this team. You know game may not be a star but somebody whose work will be paramount to success in twenty twenty one in a row and i thought i was going to be andre joe James the santer. Or casey hayward the veteran cornerback anna runaway. It's henry rugs fans really think so. It's fascinating another one. We have right now. it's open. Do you think the ravens are gonna make the playoffs runaway. Yes fans raiders are gonna make the playoffs issue so there is a lot of expectations a lot of hope. And that's what you do. It's this time of year. But it's i'm not saying any of this stuff is wrong. I'm just saying it's really fascinating to look at top that hayward powered may be available in a trade talking about that tomorrow and say you know. He's guy he wants a lot of money at ten interceptions as just as many as the raiders. Did we'll see you cost first round plus. I mean this team to put his put a capital in the secondary draft capital. Do you it again. He's a good player. I mean i'm not saying no so. Check that story out Susanville richard sherman's you know he was arrested. Some issues that are currently you know. Allegedly volved drink driving an issue at in-laws house. He said he's had some personal problems. He's been connected to the raiders. That's why i mentioned it. So is he a guy they signed hayward anyways they work in the sign but he's connected gus bradley as his hayward You know what's what's richard. Sherman is a bright life with illegal with till be gets everything together. I wanna see people do well in life So they go. I think vick taper headed thing that i saw it from big may somewhere else but anyways mike mayock. Gm of course Littleton was thinking too much last year. Hopefully the new staff doesn't can work on that he doesn't have to think as much and gus bradley has said you know this is defense. And you don't have to think that much you just go. So maybe have corey. Little thing could be that x. factor. I mean certainly. Getting paid and other expectations are high a. Tom flores. i talked to him last week. We'll news here's presenter into the famous going to be none. Other than carol davis a widow of al mother. Mark the matriarch of the raider. I just i talk to tom about it. I didn't know who is tell me but it blew me away. So she's this is the first. This is the first player or coach. That carol davis is ever presenting in the hall of fame presenting means. And now they do it on videotape. It's just before that person is adopted. Somebody kinda in closer their career kind of introduces and it's a cool honor at is think it's phenomenal. It's going to be on sunday august. Tom is going to be there. Seven live players when people from twenty one class that starts at four. pm pacific time words will speak second. Charles woodson will be the last speaker very cool evening off your news. The last few days kirby wilson. The running backs coach is retired. Timing don't want to speculate they haven't announced replacement..

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