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Players ended up in the nfl the problem is that the owners should on the team hidden have a nickel in their pocket they want now that was the european league correct no no this this that's that's league was okay that was kind of a test late nfl yeah uh but this league good i was in know they played dead during the summer time and and it ended up my team is show was eventually taken in the nfl i just didn't make it you spoke with chris today we'll set that up okay i just wanted to let you know this is an interesting thing i actually was born thirty seven years ago on the super bowl when the eagles played against the raiders and law so that's kind interesting to that i wanted to add that was what was jim plunkett super bowl i think yes it was know what i saw the west coast eagles won the world championship a 1960 when chuck merrick sat on jim taylor and ran out the clock and that was a franklin feel that that's how long ago wants to play one anything now we was that juergens an enormous need i forget which joe no that was known brand on gerald ensure guide unholy consumer juergen consuming was the backed off and they upsets the packers genes that went on to win championships remember above big obviously we see a closed lighting frank gifford and acting you know what your your way and i was asked by game but joe something of people and i talk about it the book is the trust but now suv uh of lose thirty missions over germany at the age of seventy thing a great great story about that and concrete charlie gotta go jennifer thank you my soon okay have a great guy i figured i we're going to stick with upton bells and your phone calls six one seven two five four 1030 triple eight 929 1030 i would also invite this hour any of our listeners in pennsylvania who would like to take a victory lap we're good sports we are we invite you particularly to call if you'd like give us a call six one seven.

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