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Well, I think it's the worst movie, but it's about my favorite silent night Deadly night E could face his parents killed by a maniac dressed like Santa and then he goes out. Slaughtering people. Yes, And isn't there a second one? There's a silent it's Ah, Silent night deadly night and then silent night deadly night, too. I think there's two of them. Are the first one didn't scare me, but I was afraid to watch the back among said it wanted to ruin how much I liked the first one favorite Christmas song. No is read Peter's Holy Blankets Christmas holy crap, But he is of the other word. Right? Right on, Ben, Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Uh, I don't know. But what I want to get all warm and fuzzy and you're Cozy up to the wife and all that. I suppose it's a good life. Okay. Our wonderful life. Wonderful life. Yep. Absolutely. Thanks, Tom. Appreciate it. One of my favorite I can always I just Always this this this this vision pops into my eyeballs into my brain. The year without a Santa Claus and the heat miser song in it, So the heat miser with his crazy hair. In. It is one of my one of my favorites. One of my favorites, and I'm not sure if anybody would I don't want take it away. Take away people's options here if they want to name it, But have you seen the wrath? With Denis Leary and Kevin Spacey and Kathleen Turner. No, I never did see that that is technically takes place at Christmas. But that is one heck of an adult Christmas movie. Right as in, like, Nasty adult, No. Yes. Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey and Kathleen Come on. Now. It was like a candy cane involved and All kinds of some elves. Yes, it, Chris. Thanks for waiting. Tell me about the worst or favorite Christmas movie. Well, we lost our yellow lab several years ago, right before Christmas. And, um, Marley and me came out on Christmas Day and I had read the I know and I have read the book, and the book has a very nice ending. So we're in. We're in the movie. My husband has not read the book and all of a sudden, Marley is showing many of the symptoms that are yellow Lab hat. And as the movie progresses, you know, Marley gets worse. And I'm looking at my husband and he is absolutely sobbing, and he had to leave the theater. And I stayed because I thought, Oh, this is gonna be a positive into this because there was in the book. Oh, no, there wasn't And so I met him out in the lobby. And he said, Why did you do that? To make a I'm sorry The book ended totally differently, and it was more positive than the way the book will be ended. And he brings that up to me all the time. You always said just like you took me to see Marlene Ai Christmas Day and the dog died. Yeah, Yeah. They did the bait and switch on you from the book to the movie. Didn't they did terrible, terrible. Chris. Thank you very much. And yeah, yes. That's tough, Aaron. Thank you for waiting. Lay it on me. What do you got, guys? Merry Christmas. Hey, man. Merry Christmas. I'm a 90 scared. I was waiting on home alone, Man. We worship that in our house. That's the ultimate Christmas movie. But my wife and her sisters and their mom every year they watch white Christmas and it's like around that time I opened up the Christmas Scotch and go play with my toys together where I can't stand Christmas. Keep the change. You filthy animal, right angels with the souls have a great holiday guys. Thanks. And a merry Christmas, man. Yeah, your worst and or Your favorite Christmas movie Dawn. Thank you for waiting. Lay it on me. What do you got? It's a cartoon, but it's called prep and landing prep and landing. It is hilarious. It's the elf. They go to the house and get the house is ready for Santa to show up and It has ah lot of things in it that only adults would get. It's not dirty or anything. It's just funny and way just happened to watch it one year and my daughter and my husband and I laughed the entire time is very funny. Prep and landing. Yeah, okay. Very good. We'll look it up. Stand. Yeah. You guys have been very Christmas. Thanks, Don. You too Merry Christmas. Mike. Thank you for waiting. Tell me about your worst or your favorite Christmas movie or both. Well, I think my favorite would be it's called the night they saved Christmas. It's got Art Carney from Honeymooners and Jaclyn Smith. Um as in, they panic caused Jaclyn Smith is the Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith. Yeah. Okay. Very good. All right, um Basically, Santa Claus has to persuade Jaclyn Smith's husband to stop drilling for oil because he's getting too close to North Pole City and He's risking basically killing Santa Claus and destroying Christmas forever. Oh, no. So And I think my my worst favorite. Well, I like it. It's called Santa Claus conquers the Martians. That sounds like a real winner. Right there. Santa Claus conquers smart, All right. Very good. Thanks, man. I mike. I appreciate it. Um, let me throw this into the mix is die hard, a Christmas movie. It's time to start that conversation. It absolutely is. It is absolutely a Christmas movie, according to Josh Um and you know, every year, it seems like this time the conversation begins on whether it's a Christmas movie or not, I do have to agree with you. I believe it is a Christmas movie, but the lie becomes available 8 to 1 W T V in 1 816 w TV end Your worst and or your favorite Christmas movies will keep him going and more of your calls straight ahead, Traffic and weather together from temp.

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