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The Scourge of the Sea


Welcome to kiss myths mysteries. I've your host kid chrome all this week and next I'll be exposing the myth and mystery of pirates and all. Start off this podcast with the statement that real pirates saw very little in the way of gold. Silver and jewels a statement. You'll find in many books about pirates. That's the first myth as an example. I'll refer you to bury. Clifford discovered the pirate ship wider off the coast of Wealth Fleet Massachusetts not only Clifford. Bring up the ship's Bell GonNa find the vessel as a pirate ship. He brought up a chest of silver and gold coins. The ship's location has been the site of extensive archaeology and more than two hundred thousand individual. Pieces have since been retrieved one. Major find in the fall of nineteen eighty five was the ship's bell inscribed with the words the white a galley seventeen sixteen with that the wider became the first ever pirate ship with its identity. Having been established an authenticated beyond doubt this baixa question. How did Clifford No luck? The answer was he had a treasure map. Relying heavily on a seventeen seventeen map of the wreck site a modern-day true-to-life pirate treasure map. Something else you'll find in books on pirates is that they never had maps that was how Berry Clifford found. This particular ship followed that map. What was at the time of discovery of unprecedented proportions that the white had alluded discovery for over two hundred sixty years became even more surprising when the wreck was found under just fourteen feet of water and five feet of sand. Did the why to get all the gold and silver in late February. Seventeen seventeen the wider under the command of Captain Lawrence Prince. A former bucket near Henry Morgan was navigating the windward passage between Cuba and Hispaniola when it was attacked by pirates led by black. Sam Bellamy the time of the whitest capture was in possession of two vessels. The Twenty Six gun gallery. Sultana and that converted ten gun sloop. Marianne captain by Bellamy's friend investor calls grave Williamson after three day. Chase Prince surrendered his ship near the Bahamas with only a small exchange of Cannon Fire Bellamy decided to take the wider as his new flagship. Several of his crew remain with their ship and joined the Pirate Gang Query. Recruitment was most effective among the unemployed escape. Bondsman transported criminals and as the high seas made for an instant leveling of class distinctions. They were freed. African slaves displaced English seamen native Americans and a scattering of social outcasts from Europe and elsewhere me and his crew that sailed onto the Carolinas and headed north along the eastern coastline of the American colonies. Aiming for the central coast of Maine looting or capture and additional vessels on their and their gold on the way the wider was caught up in a storm which heavily damaged broke one of its mass patch. Ups and repairs were effected until they reached the waters near nantucket sound where greater repairs were effected possibly Block Island or Rhode Island at some point during his possession of the white up. Bellamy added another thirty plus cannon below decks possibly extra ballast to cannons recovered by underwater explorer. Barry Clifford in August. Two thousand nine weighed between eight hundred and fifteen hundred pounds. Tomorrow I'll review. How pirates went about repairing their ships. Remember they were pirates. Couldn't just sail into a quarter call also take a look at what happens to pirates when they got old and believe it or not how they retired while the scored of the see was produced. Here at night I will sound studio.

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