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He stood in the breach in Washington against unthinking. Partisanship. He stood in the breach against tyranny and discrimination. And on his watch a wall fell in Berlin. Are you go that is Jon Meacham? There were many encomium today. I will spare us both many of them. But of course, if you want to hear them, you can listen to the news watch the news. The internet is full of them encomium flowing for George Herbert Walker Bush, and I just I always want to work with the facts and live with the truth from my perspective on the matter. He is one way if you view him in comparison to somebody else, he is another way if you view him in comparison to history, he's another way if you've you in comparison to his son. I mean, there's a lot of ways right? Everything is a matter of perspective vantage point, Ryan, if your vantage point is George W Bush's you going to cry at your dad's funeral I cried at my dad's funeral I think everybody. He cries, it the dads general, it's a human thing. So lots of encomium for my part. Most of it is had geography I have the best. And I'm not even the guy had the best words. I wasn't the first one use it in this connection on this show. I believe it was a friend George one of the many Georgia's in Chicago who called into one triple eight three two one six thousand in one and said nor MRs had geography geography H as in Harry AGI had geography, right? If you sounded that you do and finds like we weren't at school. Anyway, had geography means turning a person into a God, basically. And that's what it's an encomium. It's like an encomium on steroids. All right, so George Herbert Walker. Bush is the focus of much of the nation. I'm not joining into the encomium. I'm not joining into the hat geography. I'm trying to see him in an honest light. He seemed like he was a lot better than so many of today's Republicans being. Being charitable, and that's not saying much if you set the standard that low he did many things that he really really needed to account for. And I'm not sure. Yeah. I don't think he ever did Willie Horton stuff media campaign. Anyway, look, he wasn't one term president. Right. Remember this? He was a one term president, George H W Bush is a cautionary tale of his time for being a bipartisan president, he got no credit from his party. As a matter of fact, his party, abandoned him and Democrats didn't give him any credit either in one thousand nine hundred the Iran very aggressively against him bipartisanship became he became a casualty of his own inclinations to get a lot of things done..

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