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Dude your nose is bleeding. Yeah I think it might still be believing what happened. I thought I had good seats to the game that was stuck in the four hundred. That was three days ago. They were super high up up. I felt like I was summoning Everest. Look next time just go to vivid seats. Tickets are one hundred percent authentic and you can even see where your seat is before you buy. It can't believe I'm going to say this your genius. Well well you welcome I kind of am. We're on the ten minutes. Maybe we should get that Kleenex out of your nose joining us now. The Ravens two time pro bowl selection a three time first team all pro kicker Justin Tucker who made the game winning kick back on Sunday against the forty niners of forty nine with no time left on the clock which just happened to be his ninth career game winning field goal with either no. I'm left in the fourth quarter or not just in. What is it like to walk out there? Under those circumstances in those weather conditions with the wind whipping the rain falling hauling everybody county on you. What is it like to kick a kick like that at the end you know more than anything it's it's I I look at it as an opportunity? Fortuity you know. It's a blessing just to have the opportunity in the first place and then You know making the most of it just put the ball through the UPRIGHTS is obviously the goal You know so as exciting or scary or whatever it may be The only important thing is you know those one point three seconds between the snap the holding the kick and You know getting the job done all the feelings. All the emotions acknowledging that they're they're putting them away and recognizing that the only thing that matters is getting the job done You know has certainly served as well and it did This past Sunday when you you go out there any nerves oh absolutely every single kick whether it's a pat in the first quarter or Walk off game winner Yeah I'm definitely we feel nervous. I'm feeling the butterflies You know there's I mean there's a human element to this game and you know as much as we try to make ourselves seem like machines It's you know it's part of it. You're going to be emotional and excited and scared and nervous Confident all of those things but You know I I. I'm I'm very fortunate to have Morgan. Cox and Sam Cooke throwing the ball an spot in it So I can just take that out of the equation and you know not even have to think about that You know I'm sure some other guys do I mean I don't have to think twice about the snapper the whole being there I just have to think about getting my studs in the ground with my plant swinging up in through and putting the ball through the posts so You know trying to keep it as simple as possible in those moments Is certainly important. But it's one of those simple is not easy kind of things simple easy and you're doing it in the rain. Does them rain make it that much worse it. Does it make that much difference to kick around me here. We are watching from home and I would think ordinarily making a forty nine yard field goal to win the game would be challenging enough but then you introduce another element like the rain coming down. How does that factor yes? I've said for a while that are stadium. Mt Bank Stadium here in Baltimore is In my opinion the toughest place to make kicks in football Wow no I'm and I'm not saying that's like pump ourselves up or anything because we happen to play here more than anybody else but You know it just. It's a tough place to get the ball to go through the UPRIGHTS We've got you know wind. That'll swirl around in there in really unique ways that's tough to figure out This time of the year it starts getting colder and the ball just simply does not travel as far I think that's ideal gas law if I'm not mistaken and then Yeah you factor in the you know. The wind the rain the field conditions when it's raining really more than more than anything. The footing gets affected so On the forty nine yard field goal to win the game Where the ball was spotted at the thirty nine yard line on the left Hash? The footing was Certainly only less than ideal. So you know just trying to slow everything down just a little bit Be Light on my feet That's you know that those are the adjustments that we have to make To just get the ball to go through the post and is it more of a relief when you make it or more of a victory. I mean it's it's both you know it just it depends on what time of day when you ask me like as soon as the ball leaves my foot and I see that it's going through salmon ice. You know we. We all know what's going through where late in we're excited were pumped And then you know along with that pretty shortly thereafter. Yeah absolutely relieved that You know as as crazy as it sounds I get more nervous after hitting a a big kick like that then when I'm lining it up in in the first place because I think about you know Man What if that didn't what if what if that didn't go our way and we've you know I say I like like we make kicks in every once in a while I happen to miss one And I've been on the opposite end of where we were. You know where where we currently are like this past. I saw this week. I've been on the opposite on the opposite side of that and it totally sucks but You know just like the you know the the same approach will. It'll be taken this week after a big kick that I you know would take after missing one here there or You know making several in a game. It's you know it's always you know taking it one kick at a time. My you know my agent rob row. She told me that coming out of college. He said listen man the the best way. You're going to give yourself a chance to make a team MRS by taking it one kick at a time and You know that's that's certainly served us well. These past seven plus years. I remember that. Look on your face when you miss your first extra point and I'm not trying to bring a bad memory or anything justin but the look of shock on your face was incredible. You remember that. Yeah thanks for bringing that up. Yeah I mean that that particular kick and It's it's one of those I I still. I still try to figure that out. I think about it every single day. Eh Still you know as much as I try as much as I try not to. I think about that every single day and I also think about You know in a in a in a football context. I think about all the things that we have done well over the years and you know when you add it all up You know things. Things look pretty good for the Ravens Wolf Pack and They will continue continue to do so. Yeah two two extra points altogether. I mean that's that's pretty good. Just one hundred seventy five one hundred and seventy seven. I mean that's that's pretty good. Yeah you know it's not a hundred You remember the two Mrs More Than One hundred and seventy five weeks. I mean I think if you ask any I think if you ask any kicker that's played long enough you know you ask the you know the Adam Vinatieri's and the Stephen Gostkowski and you know the guys that have Played at a high level for a long time You know a lot of us are kind of driven by You know that Somewhat cynical side of you know that somewhat cynical perspective of you know you wanNA prove yourself more than anything you can do that. You know you can make kicks and you know those. It was Those ones that happen to get away from you know they they have a way of just sticking with you for whatever reason I the exact same time you know. Ballot is important and You know reflecting after the season when you know the time is right reflecting upon like the you know the the ones that get away from you on along with the good times that's also important now after the game after you made the cake you came in and you said this I feel like like in the spirit of my teammates who have been here to talk to you guys last few weeks I should say something like real inspiring how big trust and I'll open up for questions. Now that was take upon what Mark Ingram said. Forgive me obviously you guys are lobbying for your quarterback Lamar Jackson to an MVP. And he doesn't need a lot of support. I don't think at this point even the other four weeks after the season. But what is big. Trust me what is that. I wish I could tell you. like with some level of confidence but Yeah I I can tell you what it means what it means to me to to all of us At least give you my best. Guess really more than anything. I'm just trying to fit in like I'm the I'm the thirty thirty. I'm thirty year old DAD now so I'm not. I don't think I ever was cool and I'm definitely not cool now I believe the translation would You know be something along the lines of you know. Trust that when I say something I'm GonNa do it. You know I think that's I think that's what it stems from. So you know. Mark added the the B. I. G. in front of it and now we've got you know I I mean hey you I think Lamar mark should definitely capitalize. Like a you know. Maybe maybe that's a part of like new WAIROA ADA payroll. There should be like a big trust collection that that should be dropping soon so that I mean that's just my opinion. I think that would be a great move. You're seeing your thirty year old. Oh On cool dad. And I'm a fifty two year old on cool dad in fact even to my producer Travis before I said are they saying big trust or big trike. What are they saying? I don't understand because I'm not cool enough to understand. Yeah I believe the spelling is trust like with three S.'s. Or more depending on how. How trustee see your feeling I mean I would even say that you could Swap out any or all of the SS for dollar signs. And I think that would make twenty cents but again you know this. I'm just I'm speculating. but yeah I think I believe that's how it spilled now. Now let's just get past the big trust issue. What has it been like to be around and watch Lamar Jackson? This season is really incredible You know he's playing at an MVP level and we all know that the whole world knows that now What what really stands out to me as a you know as a guy who's been around for for for a couple minutes now You know I've been fortunate enough to play on some very very good Championship Ravens. Football teams right Lamar is leading this team You know like like you. Would you would expect and like you would want from the you know the quarterback of your team right Not only is he leading this team. But he's playing at such a high level and I mean I can't say I I don't think anybody around here can say enough positive stuff stuff about him but you know the maybe it doesn't necessarily stick out as much as just you know his performance but his passion He cares so deeply about winning winning and playing well and producing In that mentality permeates through the whole locker room in a really. You know such a a really significant tangible way like any single guy at any moment knows that we could be called upon to make the play to win the game and that mentality you know I it starts with guys like Lamar guys like earl. Thomas Marshall Yonder and I I in the thing is I just you know..

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