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Four right now thirty at O'Hare thirty at midway twenty eight in floss more thirty along Chicago's lakefront, I'm Bob Kessler in the WGN radio newsroom. And these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN you can thank George. I talked to George yesterday. And I said, George can I do the press conference tomorrow and migration sweats. What he calls it. My great business. Should know you can't do that. So he gave me this tide aware. So this ties compliments of George mccaskey. And the Chicago Bears. Congratulations Vic Fangio, I love the story. Sixty years old. Been in the league seemingly forever and finally gets his head as his chance to be a head coach in the NFL going to the Denver Broncos for the bears. But that's awesome for Vic, and you got to appreciate a guy climbing his whole career still looking do it in the sixties and getting's opportunity. That's sweet. Yeah. He he deserves it and he'll be he'll be terrific. So the the bears have now hired Chuck Pagano for coast. Coach had leukemia. Beat it beat it. Leukemia, obviously like cancer, it can come back anytime. Yeah. Chuck strong all of it. And this is the guy that really got a raw deal in Indianapolis. Andrew luck out hurt and the colts got bad. They started losing and begun on. Everybody got fired and he was sought after by a bunch of teams and he chose the bears. I would assume because he likes Matt Nagy? And he thinks he knows that he's going to be coaching defense with a ridiculous amount of talent. Chuck is a guy from my understanding Harry that gets guys to play for him the players love him. Details in being super organized, not necessarily Hispanic. I heard that his light is on from early in the morning till late at night in his office. See that. And that stuff is like what coach is due and they never leave. And they're watching film, and they never go home. They don't see their families. That's kinda stresses me out. Like, you got to have some balance in life. One of my favorite coaches in college basketball, Mark few with Gonzaga. Sure. Incredibly successful program. Oh, yeah. Their rules. Office opens at eight AM. We don't have a game that night closes at six. Go home be with your family. If you want to be here twenty four seven this isn't the job for you. And the rule is make sure half the country mispronounces the name of the town room that to Spokane Spokane Spokane I wish Hogue were here. He'd know how to pronounce it. We're we're we're trying to effort Adam Hoge right now. But while we wait for them. Don's been being patient wants to jump on Cam, Spokane Washington us embarrassed. What's up down? Welcome to WGN. Go ahead. You doing guys? I I want to preface by saying I love the two point conversion, I'm more of a college football guy. I love the bears grew up in Elgin watching the bears. I totally dig the fact that we got a two point conversion in the NFL, however, many years ago. What are we doing using chart before the fourth quarter? If we kicked an extra point after that last touchdown. Maybe we wouldn't be. It'd be tied up at the end of the game. Then we go into a different silo. Okay. Hold on the bears. Go fifteen ten you can go for one. And you could go for two main is that even a discussion. I would have been sixteen ten that seventeen. What do we lose by? Yes. But it's fifteen it's you're talking about you know, the colts went for two because they were trying to extend it out. They what they would've kicked an extra point. I mean it. I don't. Fourth quarter revenue lost by a point. But we don't need a charter for that one down. I mean, I'm I'm not a math major neither you if they had gone if they had right? I mean, if we kicked the extra point we wouldn't sixteen points, the colts would've, they would've kicked the extra point. We lost seventeen. CEO's eagles eagles. Why say cults I'm watching the game. Sorry eagles. It would have been a seventeen sixteen loser. That's gonna make you feel any better. Right. I see a lot of relying on the chart. I still seeing a lot of this before the fourth quarter. It bugs me, here's here's a. Here's what bugged me Thanksgiving Day in the first half going to against the lions. And now, I'm I'm all in on Chuck Nagy. So I'm Manny. Yeah. Me too. Guy forever. But you don't go for two in the first half. They ended up, you know, rolling lions. But you don't you don't go over to their first half dump Rishard the call thanks for checking in. Let's bring a guy Adam Hoge to pitch for the Indian, Mike Hogue. Welcome for. Hey, guys. Yeah. The problem is not that they went for two that made total sense the difference because they would have just done. The eagles have been something different is still a one point difference. The problems that they didn't get the two point conversion got the two point conversion then the eagles are in a position where they either make the decision to go for two which cannot be ruled out to go for the win. Maybe that's something. Doug Peterson would have done on the road there or kicked the extra point to go to overtime now would have created a much different scenario for the eagles. The bears didn't get there's though and and that was the problem there. A couple of guys miss some blocks. It looked like if you go back and watch that two point conversion the run Taylor. Gabriel looks like he's going to get in. And then all of a sudden two guys, Mr. blocks, and he got tackled there at the at the one yard line. So in a lot of people are saying how come you with Gabriel? They're running between the tackles, he's fees five foot eight and one hundred and thirty pounds with the play call no guys make their blocks. It's a two point conversion. Way too, easy and lazy to blame the coach for player for lack of player execution. You got to execute. What the place now if everybody across the board executes, and it still doesn't work. Okay. Well, then maybe you can question the scheme or what's going on there? And there are actually our times we're going to have a bigger discussion about the run the running game this season. We're actually was questioned the scheme because I was seeing guys coming in unblocked worse wasn't necessarily a player's fault. It was like, okay. These the numbers here aren't adding up the bears don't have enough blockers for the amount of defenders that are coming in to make the tackle. And I do think that the bears had made some adjustments schematically. I think Matt Nagy Mike, Nagy, whatever you wanna call. It did make some adjustments throughout the season. And that was part of the reason why the running game improved. Yeah. So so what play the coach? So we don't say anything about Tariq only getting four touches. Yeah. Well, I think that you know, maybe a little bit. You can you could say maybe that's a player that you try to force things into a little bit. But I again, another thing is you gotta give the other team credit. That's that is the hardest thing for fans that do I've come to realize in doing this job for eight years. It is it is so hard for fans to give the other team credit, and I get it because no one wants to do that everyone wants to kind of blame your own team. But the reality is that the that the eagles and Jim Schwartz. Their defense coordinator did Sasha good jobs losing trae Burton on short notice after you practice all week. And they thought he was going to be in there. I think that hurt too. But the reality the reality was the eagles did a really good job of taking to recall an out of the game and the bears offense. Matt Nagy said it from day one. It is designed to get the football to whatever the defense is giving them. And if the eagles are gonna take away to recall when Mitch Trubisky is going to put the ball elsewhere. Whether that's checks at the line of. Scrimmage before the balls even snapped. Or after the ball is snapped finding the open guy. So you can argue that that Nagy should have maybe made some adjustments on his end or don't whatever he could to get number twenty nine involved more. But you also have to give the eagles a lot of credit for for taking him away. Okay. I was not in the locker room afterwards. Now, there's two different stories that I'm hearing one story is that Cody parkey sat there in front of his locker and talk to everybody that wanted to ask them a question. Another story is that he was there for a few minutes, then he ducked out of there. And then he wasn't at Halas hall. The next day couldn't be found which story is closer to being the truth. Well, they're both sort of true. What the first one is. He did sit there and ask questions or answer all the questions that were asked to except for the fact that there were still more questions coming and I forget, which PR Representative. It was for the bears, but someone. Yeah. Outlasts question. And you know, the player always have has the opportunity to say, no, no, I'll keep going and actually Matt Nagy done that a couple of times in his post game press conferences this year say no, no, I'll take all the questions that you guys have. I'm not going to criticize Cody parkey for not doing that. He in my opinion, he answered enough in the post game locker room after the then the PR guy stepped in and said, that's it. And you move on. The problem was is that a lot of people including myself wanted to talk to him the next day. You know, there's there's some more time. He's still the main story. The next day. We're all in there for extra interviews that go on house hall, and he was nowhere to be found. And I think that is something that he probably deserves some criticism for it because it was clearly communicated that a lot of people wanted to talk to him and didn't even see him in the locker room. So they're both kinds of true to answer your question. So what do you think is teammates are feeling with Kim going on the today show? I know that speculation, but I'm guessing that's not going to be incredibly well received in the locker room or or maybe it's just the just a just a nothing thing. But I don't think he's scoring any points. Yes. So I can actually go a little bit further than speculation. 'cause I have actually had some conversations here. Here's what I'll tell you one. Is that this interview was not facilitated by the bears? Right. It was. In fact, my understanding is that originally they reached out to the bears. And the bears said no because they weren't making players available. Anybody right? So. And they weren't necessarily in favor of doing this interview. So my understanding it was conducted through the agent, which is another way to go especially in the off season. What's the players are away from the team that's fair game. But I also believe that Cody park you wanted to do the interview and the bears weren't exactly thrilled about it. So in that standpoint, I think the proper way for me to phrase, this is I don't think Cody parkey did himself any favors by going on the today show Friday. And what I mean by that is it for his job security in Chicago, which I think is already in doubt. I don't think he helped himself unless he wants to get out of Chicago net case, maybe he did. That's what I'm just listening to talk about it. That's what I'm thinking. So he thinks he's getting cut and he wants to present himself to the rest of the world. Maybe maybe. That's one theory that that could be realistic. I'm not really sure. Because again, we haven't had a chance to talk to Cody parkey since Sunday. And don't really know what his intentions are. I do believe that's going to be very hard for him to continue to be the bears kicker. Whether he wants to be the bears kicker or not, I you know, I just know the city too. Well, and I think even in the eyes of the fans that I don't think he did himself any favors by going on the today show as for his teammates. I haven't I haven't had anyone openly criticize him. But I also haven't heard anything like, yeah. I understand why he did that you know, what I mean? So it's. And that's a totally different scenario because you never wanna Basha teammate and guys aren't going to openly do that especially in this locker room. This is a really good locker room fill a lot of really good dudes. That's been an emphasis for Ryan pace. So I but trust me there are guys in that locker room scratching their heads about the interview Friday, just like everyone else is usually when you have such a consensus like this against something. The players the players are thinking the same way to now. Let's look ahead. It kept Pagano is going to be the new defensive coordinator mazal tov. And thank you to be Fangio. Did a great job. What do you think? The bears did great good or indifferent with hiring Pagano. Yeah. I like it. I think that this was going to be an attractive job. Chuck Pagano has credibility that he brings into the room. Now, you can pick apart maybe his defenses in Indianapolis and questioned why they weren't elite. Why they weren't you know, the some of the best in the league, I will say he won a lot of games in Indianapolis as head coach. And when he was the defense coordinator with the ravens in twenty eleven that wasn't elite defense Ryan Grigson the general manager in Indianapolis made a lot of mistakes, which is why he's no longer the general manager there. And why Chris Ballard came in and has done such a good job spectacular into the playoffs. Even though it's not looking too good right now. Against the chiefs. So I like the higher, and I think it ultimately probably came down to him, and Donna tell the bear secondary coach. And I understand why the bears went in this direction as much as I think Donald L could have been done a good job. And I think it would have been nice did maintain the continuity, but God always going to be he's one. He's I think he's obviously trying to get a head coaching job again. Now that could be announced out of this. If he has his great defense next year and does such a good job..

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