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Sia reveals she adopted teen boys who were aging out of foster care


This is C. R. and she's released together which regulates things here first single from our upcoming joint album and motion picture shows the our music is that it yeah the album in the film are both called music music okay she wrote and directed the film which has some interesting stars in it Kate Hudson's in its place the order junior Maddie Ziegler and definitely heroes channel regional songs for the soundtrack for the movie how to gather it coming to you with a music video starring the three principal cast members while the trooper Anson children all wearing outfits steamed after clouds and rainbows it's a really a video it's a durable yeah it's a based on a short story that see a road back in two thousand seven music follows seventy names who played by Kate Hudson a newly sober women figure out her place in the world when she learns that she is to become the sole guardian of her half sister that sister music played by Maddie Ziegler girl on the autism spectrum music's release date has not yet been announced the film explores to seize favorite themes finding your voice and what it means to create family earlier in the week see what public with the news that she had adopted two eighteen year old boys last year in in and out of foster care yeah they aged out of the foster system and they were just going to be basically jumped on to the street which is something that no one talks about and and that happens all the time I have a one of my friends grew up in a family where her parents fostered a lot of kids they have their own kids and they also foster and so many of them you know they paid for them to go to private school and then at eighteen there's just nothing they get dumped into the world and so her family ended up adopting at they would graduate from high school and then her family adopted a bunch of kids at the age of eighteen because there's just there's they're homeless the foster system does absolutely nothing after your eighteen how old is C. I don't know it's just hair yeah you can't tell who's usually wears a wig covering her face I think should be eighty we have no that's true we have no idea if I had to guess I'm gonna split the difference and save forty maybe yeah interesting idea and the idea that what she and her background if you write a story like this she is newly sober well she is over so this is a very kind spread out of her personal story I don't know about the half sister angles but that is kind of

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