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And it just it blew my mind that, I mean, like, like okay, sometimes people don't fit in see teas, and we might have to send them elsewhere. I've heard of patients being sent to like the Cincinnati zoo, you know, but it's just like you never think that you're actually going to see it and it's like, oh my gosh. We, if we wanna see this guy's CAT scan like a full body, c t scan. We have to send them to the place where they scandal orcas. I feel like they should make will the obviously make C T scans that are big enough for walruses Wales. Yes. So they exist, and it seems like there would be some in, like major cities at least. Let's in this guy to LA. It's a major say, we'll send him to cedars. Yeah. But they don't even have them there it because I. I think it's, it's a cost thing. It's a how much does it cost to own maintain run this CT scanner like and how often are we're gonna use it? Granted, you know, some people can also look at more research, an actual facts for this. But that can be that's the only reason I can think of in my brain of why. Them an adjustable CT scan. Where'd you can just like? Fandy to make this bigger. Yeah. I don't understand the science of CT skin. It's basically an x Ray. Right. Or is it using like basil our house? It scanning basically. I wish I knew better better, basically measures the density of your of the body you have to word. Right. You do not. But if you get some radiation, I believe, but it's not as much as like when you're exposed, I had let on my crotch when I got. No. That was I did. When I first went in for this last kidney stone, that I had the surgery for the first thing they did was doing X Ray and ultra sound. And they sent me to a center. But they're just places you can go to get an x Ray x Ray centers hospital x-ray centers. I remember it was game changer one my. I'd had a passed a kidney stone, and I went to the emergency room and I ended up passing it on my, my own. But then I went to see my urologist after the fact. He's like, he's like, don't go to the emergency room. It's going to be so expensive. He goes, you can literally just go to there's clinics. There's one in like, Luca lake where it's just all it's like an imaging center where you see T scans or ultrasound, or X rays. So I went to this place and they had to do my kidneys. And so, just put, like a lead vest, over my crotch. And I was just like, oh, this is horrifying. You know. Eight you. Important. How does it like if you have a lot of x-rays over your life span, what are the chances of you getting, like, oh, man? Actual stats. I don't think I could tell you. You have to get like an x Ray once a year once a year, you're gonna be fine. I had a. What is it? A stress item nuclear stress test. I know a lot of people who've had stress tests, where they go in and they put the EKG pads on you. And they monitor you on a treadmill. But I was having heart palpitations and I went to. This is right after Kevin Smith had his heart attack. And so, I was I was really freaked out because he had it like on my birthday and I was like, I gotta get my heart. Checkout. Sign checks been living with these heart palpitations for too long. So go to the cardiologists and they're like we're going to do nuclear stress test. And he's like it's like the most comprehensive scan you can do have a heart..

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