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MGM national harbor with over three million dollars in prizes now until may twenty six you can play scratch it rich for your chance to win the hottest gadgets intact. A one of a kind spa dining experience free play in more simply played with your life rewards card and earn up to find entries to win for day. Come scratchy bridge at MGM national harbor, everyday is monumental. When you have another chance to win must be twenty one. Please play responsibly for help. Visit him gambling help dot org or one eight hundred gambler it's your time to make more money. Come to the franchise show this Saturday and Sunday at Dulles expo center with the fest. Moneymaking franchise plus opportunities spoke at help you with a successful business. This life changing event is your only chance to see all the hottest -tunities in what place find the perfect business for you. At the franchise show presented by AllState this weekend at the jealous expo sent get tickets at Washington franchise, show dot com. Hey, it's Larry O'Connor. And I want you to meet Denise like, many others. She suffers from sleep apnea. Wake up in the morning feeling very tired. Like I had slept at all. I would wake up every morning with a headache in that feeling basically lasted all day. It should really take a toll struggling at work too. Tired to do anything at home? Once I got home. And I didn't know where my life was going. How were you feeling? I was desperate at that point. After trying many options you discovered inspire. A sleep apnea solution in alternative to c-pap. How has life been since inspire? Fire. Things are great. I feel brighter all day. What's the biggest change you've seen? I can go to the movies. I can watch a movie on TV. And I see the beginning middle end end a seems like such a small thing. But sounds.

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