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Over trace McSorley, go straight back to throw looking now. He's going to bail out. Now, he's gonna throw any throws an intersection. Michigan's got the. Twenty. Touchdown. That's. This second pick six sixty two yards. Walgreens, extend their lead. Jim Brandstatter, but the call to Michigan IMG sports network. Heather it was number fourteen paint state in the big house against number five. Michigan and the final was forty two to seven and that touchdown for the alliance came into the last five minutes while you, and I were watching what kind of a statement did the wolverines make today they should be in the top four on Tuesday. When the selection committee announces their second ranking, and I say that not just because of how dominant Michigan. Well, somebody's always gonna lose between Alabama analysis. You one of those teams is going to drop down. It'll be interesting to see if it's Alabama. How far they do fall. By clearly Michigan as stated its case for the top one loss team in the country, unless LSU beats Alabama. They still have to be behind Notre Dame because of that head to head result. But that being said Notre Dame loses. Northwestern wouldn't surprise me. If they jump ahead of the Irish, see Irish and wildcat kickoff momentarily. It's on ESPN television tonight. Stay with Michigan. They'll because their ability to run out to win out. It goes through Columbus. What if Michigan loses in Columbus, Ohio state, which did beat Nebraska today? But did not look good at thirty six thirty one. Could the big ten actually be a mess? It could be a mess and you're right based on how high AllState has played they have not looked like a top four team. But if they finish as a one loss conference champ with a win over what we've seen to be a very good Michigan team. Then I think the committee would have a hard time leaving them out depending on what happens in those other conference's final game of.

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