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Been ringing ah lot with people of set at the governor's incentive to give away $5 million to Ohioans have been vaccinated as an incentive for Morte to get the shot our Rick you Gino has more wine, telling our Bill Cunningham that this money is not being wasted, as some critics have suggested. This was sent in here for the purpose of battling The virus. Nothing more effective than battling this virus than the vaccine. And if we could get vaccinations up in Ohio on in trying to create a A store about this, It is well, well worth it. There will also be a separate drawing for students who will win free tuition to any Ohio University wreck. You Gino NewsRadio, 700 wlw handsome or signs The pandemic is getting better Cincinnati Playhouse in the park, announcing the restart of their shows this October. Slate includes eight shows and three world premieres. Tickets will go on sale later this summer. Are you looking for a job, too portly is looking for about 500 new employees in the Cincinnati area. It's part of a 20,000 employees search nationwide you can sign up at Chipotle is virtual career fair. Now that's gonna be on May the 13th I find it. Just search for Chipotle is discord. Server online Pay averages about 15 bucks an hour, several local theaters and students being honored by the U. S Presidential scholars program to local students named as presidential scholars themselves Aidan Finn of Saint Xavier and Casey Xiao of Walnut Hills, and we have two distinguished teachers being awarded. English teacher Barbara Stewart and Walnut Hills and classics professor Doctor Brayden Meckley at Saint Xavier High School. Your Bangles updates single day tickets are now on sale for the season. The new schedule is out. Sean Gallagher has some of the home games you can catch. The Bangles will open the season at home against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday, September 12th and weak for their back home to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday night, September 30th. And then they will host the Packers The following week. Sunday, October 10th. The Bangles will host the Browns a week nine November seventh before the bye week. They will have three straight home dates. Weeks. 12 to 14 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Los Angeles Chargers in San Francisco, 40..

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