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Com. There's also, uh There's this amazing video. It's not the only one like this. I mean, there are so many heroes, uh, you know, a week ago with the floodwaters, but this one is out of Ewing Township. The police department made this one available. It's the It's the body cam video. From an officer who is saving this woman. Who got out of her car and it's like rushing almost like a river waist deep and she could have easily been swept away in this and he saves her stays with her until their them. You know, both of them, then rescued by boat by the Fire department. Pretty dramatic video. If you want to check that out and more on the dnd Page M J one on 15 dot com, the Internet and then things still around Also four o'clock hour today, it did not work out a week ago because of that flooding. It just seemed impractical to do it on a day when so many people were suffering from that, but delayed but not forgotten. Jack, literally, the Republican candidate for governor is going to be joining us in studio coming up in two hours. He's going to spend the entire four o'clock hour and we'll take a few calls that our as well, you could talk to him asking the question. All right, So our phone number is 1 800 to 8311.5. I bet you you and I probably have limited stories for this. I mean, like, I think we've both done the thing where we've called for help for people when I subdued knife wielding a shoplifter. Oh, you did this to Oh, yeah, I am I in the music just Yeah, well, now it's a different case. I think I think it's a different case. New Jersey Journal has a story about some good Samaritans. And these guys okay to just say that these guys are good Samaritans. I think that's not really painting the full picture. Because to me a good Samaritan is like, Yeah, car was broke down and you helped push it. Along with some other dude's like across five lanes of traffic, and, you know, get somebody or you stop and you're helping a little low lately change a tire on the side of a highway. Things like that, to me are good Samaritans. These guys were like super freaking heroes. Here's what happened, according to the to The Jersey Journal. Shoplifter, and it's a woman, a 44 year old woman from Hoboken. Goes into a dollar store in Bayonne, right? This is all alleged, according to the cops. So the shoplifter is clutching a suitcase that is filled with a bunch of stuff that the police say she was stealing. From a dollar store. Why would you steal cheap stuff from a dollar store? You got a suitcase that you can pack? Why are you going somewhere more high end? Who walks into a dollar store with a suitcase. Well, yeah, I think there's a a dead giveaway to what are you doing here with the suitcase? Unless it's really bad suitcase that they're selling for a dollar and she just grabbed it. Doubtful. Yeah, imagine a dollar. It's suitcase. I would not be very good. All right. So she fills this thing again, according to cops with all this merchandise that that she's going to try to steal, drags to employees out of the store, pulling a knife on them. Who would expect this from a woman right? But they say this happened so she's got these two employees there. I'm sure and fear for their lives. And, uh, you know, a knife I'm going to guess like to the throat or something is how I'm picturing it like a movie scene. Well. Along comes these two other customers. These two other Come on, customers see what's going on. And they could have walked away. They could have just pulled out a cellphone and called the cops know what do they do? They went right into the fray. And they grabbed her somebody with a knife and they disarm this woman. They disarmed the shoplifter with a knife or alleged shoplifter, and they hold her down until police arrive. And so the police get there, and they find that the suitcase was filled with, like $238 worth of merchandise, and she was trying to leave the store, according to the cops. Uh yeah. But I mean, oh, and police also recovered a narcotic paraphernalia from the woman according to the Ah ha. She's been doing drugs. Yeah. So, Yeah. I don't know if she was all crazed on that or what the hell was going on? But my God, that is that's like That's like beyond Good Samaritan Man. That's like pretty serious heroics. I know I saw this story and I have to ask myself what would I have done? Well, I've tried to disarm this woman. I don't know that I would have Then. Got to be honest with you. I know I'd have to think it would really like I'd have to really size it up. How big how frail. She is, Uh, is she looking like she's really going to actually do anything to them? Is she so out of it that there's not a chance she's going to really use the knife? I don't know. I don't know what I would have done. But yeah, these two guys they jumped in. So so we would like to know who has a good Samaritan story. Simple as that. And no, it doesn't have to be that you disarm the criminal. If you did Hey, great bonus points. But we're saying anything like even that scenario of helping a little old lady change a tire pushing a car out of a snowbank, giving somebody a lift whatever it might be basically helping out a total stranger. And if it's dramatic, okay, but I'm just saying it doesn't need to be dramatic. And don't take it like you're bragging about yourself because we're asking for these stories. So who has a good Samaritan story? Or you could be on the receiving end of it, too. Did a good Samaritan ever step up out of nowhere and help you will take that as well? Of course. 1 802 831 a 1.5. I haven't helped anybody changed a tire and I don't know how long People still do that, Um You know, I know what you mean, because, uh, so many people have Triple a today. You don't see as many flat tires just because tires are literally built much better than they were 30 years ago when we were kids, you know what I mean. Everybody has a cell phone. Something happens, right? Yeah, exactly. And half the time, I think Maybe unfairly. Maybe I'm wrong to think this But sometimes, like I see somebody broke down on the side of a road, flat tire or otherwise, And if it's a woman, I'm often thinking. Okay. She surely has a cell phone..

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