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Or get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook we're at KQED for more email any questions or comments you might have to form at KQED dot org and I said earlier that we were also going to try to cook cook cover the state convention and we go to you on this solid with actually the in Indian Wells which I think one Republican wag said was like being in hell because it was a hundred degrees but there's also the remark that the party is in hell and yet they're really trying to recreate this party to some degree they're talking about so lots of volunteers going out and re establishing GOP roots NGO for voters yeah again they just finish the party just finished up it's convention over the weekend out in Indian Wells out in the desert and yes it was hot as heck out there and basically you know John number one for this party is to make sure that they don't have a replay of the two thousand and eighteen election where they lost seven seats in Congress they were wiped off the map of in places like Orange County which of course not to long ago was that the Republican enclave you know was Reagan country and they think that that the the cutest future success or the future relevancy at least is training people getting people do see gastric and making sure that they reach as many voters as possible with a positive GOP message of course the challenge. doing that as a as a German by the name of trouble looms over everything in American politics right now including California politics and big challenge when you think of twenty sixteen they lost by over four million votes and four million Democrats are registered in the state of California more than Republicans so there's some great challenges there but one of the big headlines since skull some mention trump resa was bred Pascal who is the head of the trump reelection campaign actually saying we're gonna sell should trump family dynasty or words to that effect. of course then differing when asked to to follow up on that you know is a bunker Jerd running he's like I'm not going to talk about that I just I just see them as a dynasty yeah you know I think that the point of these conventions is to rally the party faithful clearly the GOP has a lot of challenges ahead in California if it wants to become one of the two major parties made right now there are more more no party preference voters then GOP voters in California and while Democrats has seen other numbers kind of dipped into also by that explosion of independence it's really the GOP that has seen the brunt of that and I think that you know they are hoping to seize on what you know what what we what we see happen in American politics which is the pendulum swinging and Democrats do have so much power in California I think they do you see an opening because you know it's this was the refrain during John **** is unsuccessful campaign for governor but I I do think it's a post messages like your broker Democrats like you know we do have a huge housing affordability issues we do have huge homeless a mental health problems and I think that what the GOP is hoping to do is sort of harness those and say look you guys gave Democrats can complete control in Sacramento every statewide office and we're getting these things are getting worse whether they can actually do that and and really kind of get out and energize voters will see but I do think that it is smart of them to really be focusing on a handful of these congressional races and a couple of seats in the state legislature because that's where you do see the rubber meets the road and you do you see these swings really happen as in the smaller districts trump will not win California at eight in any world right pay twenty twenty but if they can re take some of those house see if I could do a lot for their base and energizing them was also struck so let me go to you on this on themselves by some moderate voices I'm not only talking about San Diego mayor of former Kevin Faulconer who is talking about the L. same sex marriage it was talking about things that you normally hear from Democrats but also there was a speech that was delivered by assuming Chris Myers from yucca valley and also I think he put forth of a measure that would mean condemning white supremacy as well as xenophobia. right exactly and just going back to to to the mayor San Diego Faulkner for a moment I mean he really did harken back to kind of an old school chamber of. commerce kind of G. O. P. in California and kind of a a practically minded republicanism where he he really focused on and his address fighting home assistance and the echo and basically so showing look what I've been able to do to to reduce homelessness in my city sort of a vision of what what Republicans could do if they get back into power of course the challenge is getting back into power and again you I just can you cannot. really over emphasize the kind of the the problem that trump creates four Republicans running for office because he's popular among the base we all know that right but when you talk to people were actually gonna be in the field running for office in the next election cycle and I I talked to a lot of them from Orange County who can be challenging they were gonna be running races in that part of California they don't talk about trump I mean you have to bring up Donald Trump in questioning before you get them to talk about the president because they know there's no upside right there's nothing there there's no appeal to purplish voters or to light red voters of blue voter certainly when you bring up the president so they'll make all the right noises when you bring up Donald Trump like the economy is doing fabulously and he's his own man but they are not the first ones to bring up the president I was struck though by Faulkner saying that homelessness should be the number one issue but also matching the sentiment Chris Myers who seems to be in some ways providing some push back on trump by talking about racism and xenophobia and that and nationalism you know remember don't from said I am a nationalist let's bring our callers into this and again we invite your thoughts about the Republicans and their annual state convention if you have some thoughts on that questions about the attempt to buy P. Jeannie by San Francisco we like to hear your thoughts in any questions you might have and again our toll free number to join us at is eight six six seven three three six seven eight six marina Lagos with us he committee's co host of the California excuse me the KQED political breakdown podcast and also political correspondent for us and saw themselves co host of the California report here KQED and let's bring in Chriss our initial caller Chris welcome you're on the air. general discussion about the genie though when you talk about the raker act in nineteen thirteen when we got permission to dammed Hetch Hetchy part of that law said that we were required to many municipal light utilities in in San Francisco and I participated in a couple of campaigns in they I guess late seventies early eighties where they were trying to do that and always got defeated by PP in any but it seems to me now that the genie is very much on the ropes somebody should be bringing up that we create our own power we take it as far as new work and then somehow we give it to be the enemy. well you bring up but when you hear the rhetoric I think of respondents viewed name that you invoke ways but let's get a response from you to Chriss call yeah I mean I think Chris makes a good point there's band for over a hundred years fights over the rate correct in its implementation in its interpretation I think again what is change is the political reality on the ground now you know you brought up earlier Michael the issue that this would just be power lines not gas lines I think that's an important thing to know too I mean we have a really put a point on this which is like using is in bankruptcy right and they are in bankruptcy court and part of the opening I think that the CDC is here is to be part of a reorganization plan that's coming out of that court sometime next year P. genies unveiling out their plan for that today which will not include I'm sure the municipal that you miss municipal Ising that power here in San Francisco but there's there's a lot of sort of concurrent fights happening around the future of this utility and one of them includes some of these hedge funds and and bond holders who have tried to are trying to basically take control of P. Jeannie and and have floated the idea of spending off the gas. division entirely so I think in the next month or so we're going to see a lot of of of proposals put forward with in bankruptcy court over the future of this utility and you know maybe San Francisco will invoke the raker act as part of their argument to the judge and here's the argument put forward by listening Michael this is the idea of politically correct San Francisco running a utility makes me shudder conservatives who actually run a business that is so consequential you know I'm not here to promote anything but I will know that we have a P. is the we we we do have utility and they're actually I think the the biggest revenue generator that the city has in city government so it's not out of the realm of possibility and that is the end to see that the city is sort of using that they would use that that show you know the few seats it to potentially take over P. genies grad which again I think there's a lot of loopholes to jump the river we can get to that point there are also a lot of questions here I mean I think it is gonna be a meeting was CEO bill Johnson on the twenty sixth of September though so we'll have to see where that goes as well but there's a question of residence outside and how they're going to be Sir but this goes through a lot of big questions back for a moment to another caller and that's you Harvey you're on the air good morning. hi hello Michael well I believe that that the decentralization of of the production electricity is the way to go especially with the abundance of renewable technology that we have now and it will help to slow the dangers of fires and all is an ancient the old transmission lines and when Mitt Romney who was veggie had a venture capital firm called Bain and company and I understand that a lot of venture capitalists are buying a lot of P. Jeannie stock they used to essentially look for weeks companies they did they did raid the pensions they'd sell off they did get rid of people and then they'd ship the machinery over to China and make it at so that the cost of the vat the cost of the product was really last so I see that the venture capitalists there's kinda like vultures are circling and and I think that they're waiting for P. Jeannie come out of bankruptcy in their stock value goes up and then they'll start dissembling disassembling the company so that's what I see happening here but I see it as a good thing because the decentralization of electricity production is a safe way to go in California especially with climate change ramping up in the heat just getting higher and higher Harvey I thank you for that call of the lead at the mercy on the season I just want to say like I think he makes some good points about what Wall Street is looking and I think what we've seen is this fight over the future of the you know ownership of the company because there is a sense that this company will come out of bankruptcy profitable in that there's a lot of money to be made still offer rate payers I do think that there is an end like a distinction we need to make your between production and distribution and you know whatever happens with the infrastructure the production of power comes from a wide variety of sources I don't think P. Jeannie would get out of that business we would still be buying power from them through their transmission lines I mean the other interesting thing is the production actually isn't the problem right now in California. that was the problem twenty years ago during the first energy crisis which is a whole other form episode but you know that the infrastructure is what has not been invested in until San Francisco or any municipality buys the infrastructure their stock with the problems that P..

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