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Okay, here we go to Penn State for a while. Don't touch of Radio Shack in the states for some jingles and wax of those among you who are more politically sensitive than the rest of us may wish to take a moment here to tighten up those sphincter muscles. Can you actually tighten Sprinter muscles wage, you know minor tight right now. What should I call the key? What's the one that keeps you from peeing? The Kegel muscles? That's the one yeah, he goes constrictors. We're going to do a whole podcast on that one of these days. Fundamental causes of the swelling of the urethra we discussed last week. We're going to get a proctologist in here Albert Pujols. Not remember one, but right up there dead. Cool Planet Money episode 117. No 118 use you give them one John Smith. I know you know like get off on the show Sale s you get an F. Actually it's incomplete notice looking forward to that interview. I thought that would be really interesting but no been thanks. Yeah, you know how long we hesitate to give you a second responsibility because you didn't even get Tatiana. So let's give a new assignment. Okay. Yeah, you know who you have to get on the podcast who took the one what's your name? Kylie Jenner Kylie? That's right. Yeah. She don't get her you will be docked. She's almost a billionaire isn't she will dock your pay if I don't get Kylie Jenner that little slut. Well, I think we just eliminated like slash. He called me a slight. I'll never go on that show. She insists. That's what people call her. You know that home. Kylie Jenner, what's your mileage enter family? Anyway, I don't know the dad was Kardashian. Yeah, right. The mom was sleeping with OJ alleged. Well, the younger ones are genders off the daughter made a sex tape with somebody. That's how she got famous r a j. Yeah, and then Kylie Jenner she's probably had for someone who's like how old 21,000 I'm talking about. This I hate I hate the whole surprised you even tune into that whole I really hate him. It's like where is canceled culture when you really need it, you know step up a bill. Yep. Yep. He's so full of shit. I know he's so depressed about the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. How did he know that she was a billionaire billionaire has cuz he's been keeping up with Kardashians. Can you imagine the vinegar and water they go through with that house? It's like keep somebody in business. They haven't delivered. So it is 1:18 then right? Yep. Yep. Then kitchen here along with yours truly's Rothman and we haven't gotten the papers yet on Ben's name change to Ben COK, which is Swedish for kitchen, you know too many cooks in the too many cooks in the kitchen. That's what they say too many cooks. That's the Swedish word for kitchen at Ben's. I looked it up fantastic then cock ever been to Thailand Bangkok. Absolutely. So, you know how you say thank you in Swedish. By the way, I know this cuz I dated the Swedish woman. Her name was severe. Okay, so we against Victor. How do you say off the fish fisherman? She he's saying here's how you say. Thanks. Thanks. Simply. Thanks. Talk to you say you say something good as they talk talk. That's that means thanks kitchen. Wow. Do you want to say thank you very much in Swedish. It's tax and make it talk some ikut. Thank you very much. How do you know this Elvis would get there you go. He played a song and he go talk to him again. Thank you very much. All your sweets out there. I see Bonnie. What's your did you have a shot yet? I know losing a compact. Did you have any shots yet? You guys got me know. All right. I had one I had one you did. I'm half vax and any reaction has the wrong guy. You should see I my God. Grunion grew about four feet and half an hour and then I lost my cable signal the first shot was not bad. I had a little tiny bit of tenderness and they told me during a Little Tenderness more derna or was this remote derna? Yes, and it was down at Foxboro. I went down there and Foxboro and I said to the guy gave me the shot. I had a mask on so I can get away with anything at once I said, well the house is Bob Kraft built, huh? And I'm looking around and he says well no Tom Brady built it I went so I had my first and I'm going to have one April 16th. I think yeah. I'm going to go to Florida. Tear it up down there go to Miami Beach and not wear a mask get arrested is spring break over soon. I think it is isn't it? I think so. I don't know you're going wild down there. Yeah, my hit me they're all fighting a range. You want to just go down there and smack him all the trying to make the government look bad dog. He's got good here. No, no, he's got good hair. He's one of those fights are unbelievable. He will run for president. Probably next time around but you think maybe I like it you probably going to get some spring break time through Easter. Oh, okay. Jesus will be very proud three wise men. Have you ever had that shot now? I'm talking about different shot from your arm. I'm talking with the kind. You drink. Have you ever had a three wise? I you know, what's that never heard again? Tell you right there was a period in my life where I did a little bit of drinking. Hold on a moment. Tell us the story was about I'd say about a year two thousand and one I was a little forlorn, you know, Lorne Greene a big fan off in the meantime. I was drinking and I decided I wanted to kind of hurry up the process a little bit. I want to sit there and have sip of beer and have a now let's get their their Tsum pack driver to three wise men and the bartenders. Are you sure you want this son. I said, yes, I do. He said I have three wise men jack Johnny and Jim Jack Daniels Johnny Walker and Jim Beam is a triple shot in one you're going to get there in a hurry. All right. You don't want to look back something might be gaining you, you know what I'm saying? So you do what three wise men shot you turn out to be the least wise guy in the entire bar it turn into an asshole pretty much dead. In about 30 seconds soon as that their liquor hits. 3 minutes ago. I was a nice guy here. Now look at me. I'm standing on the table naked slapping people in the face with my unit. I'm an asshole. Jack Johnny and June Thank you boys. Can you Google this the you Google the Roy Roy tan cigar? Roi-roi Tanja Roi though. Right is regarding you. Bring some right hands over here once knew no I want to hear the one that goes man-to-man smoke a cigar man-to-man smoke a wrong 10 for the taste that is better by far who know what brings this up? I just came to me last night. I was oh here it is. Which was I think is is it right here? Yeah. It's probably at Royal which one you tell me. I don't know classic wrote in cigar commercial. Try that one there. That's probably it. Is it man man to man?.

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