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But that shot where she is like jumping between the blades, there was so much depth to it. And it was slow down in such a great way. Like, I was just really I really appreciate the artistry of that moment and of the artistry of on armed alita punching him in the I know that's pretty good. I you guys are gonna matter me for saying this. But you know, we you guys disparage avatar so often I would challenge anybody to look at how literally any action sequence in avatar plays. The the beats of how it plays out the pacing the music of it the choreography the storytelling within the action sequence. It's the difference between a master action. Filmmaker listen, I like, Jeff. Let me reiterate, I don't think avatars bad movie. I just thought we forgot it. And that's a sounding to me. That's all that's. I would go on further, and I would say avatar is kind of a masterpiece. I think. I think a lot of people don't appreciate it again. Like as I said before like to me, I think it's a very subversive because it is about I guy relinquishing his humanity at the end, I think, and it has all those environmental messages and everything which really got. But like the world building, you know, like people, you know, talk about, you know, like a lot of times like oh world buildings good. But whatever, you know, it's like, you know, I think really good world building is not anything to sort of you know, snuff. At like, I think this movie it's showing us a vision of the future that we haven't quite seen before, you know, like, it's not blade runner. It's not ghost in the shell. It's not a Kierra you know, it is it is its own thing. It's kind of melting pot. You know, mixture of like South American and Mexican Japanese, and you know, a whatever Detroit. Like all these different cultures. Just kind of blending. And you know, I think I think it's interesting. You know, what they're doing with their telling a lot of this story. Juster visuals. You could you watch this movie, you know, with the with the sound on mute and still, you know, get the essence of what is going on. I think. Before you say anything is mostly MAC's. You're welcome back anytime. The magic of education. Yeah. I feel like I enjoy this movie. Maybe the way I enjoy attack of the clones and maximum. When we hang out, we often end up talking about the prequels, but I enjoy watching that movie on mute, you know, like the visuals of at the storytelling of it. The the action looks amazing all never say anything. I'll never try to justify the dialogue attack. Clones. I just think it's fun to watch anything that same level. This kind of it's about for me. Yeah. I definitely liked him more than Davy. There's there's there's enough funds stuff that it isn't a waste of time. And and agree with you guys, especially about the three D like and seeing Dolby vision. My God don't vision. Yeah. Beautiful and vibrant. So there's you know, there's some fun to be had it just feels like it's sixty percent there. And I it makes me sad. Because there's enough cool ideas that I wanted it to be a home run. Well here as wrapping up here, we have a unique opportunity on the podcast today. You know, why? Because right now, as we're recording this, it's actually not the weekend after alita battle angel has opened which is usually when we record the episode, we're actually recording this on February eighth, which is as you're listening to this weeks ago. So we don't actually know how well the movie opened think we know when it did. So so now. Long. This is an opportunity for us to predict how much money it's going to open with. I'm gonna ask you all to predict and you don't need to give an exact number. Let's say within twenty five million dollars right like zero to twenty five twenty five to fifty fifty seventy five seventy one hundred like how much you could be considered for this movie. Like, let's set the milestone here this cost how much to good opening for movie this much. Hundred million dollars over one hundred million would be good for this opening weekends..

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