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He's now going to the edge of extinction, and he's there and now if somebody's gonna come back into the game. And so if David Wright stays in the game, the whole time, let's say Kelly win worth does go out of the game and goes to the extinction or let's wore dog or somebody some somebody who was Kelly Allah Lauren and they go out of the game. And they're the person who comes back into the game. They're going to get that story of. Hey, I didn't come up with the idea. Devote Kelly Wentworth, David Wright told me the vote Kelly worth any told me that the saving thing. That's true. Yeah. I mean, I just want this edge of extinction to die at the merge, though. Like, I hate the back of it just continuing on and on date thirties. I mean, it just I. You as a player could you reward someone coming back into the game date thirty seven million dollars? I think that that is an impossible question to answer because you have to look at who who they're sitting there at the end with. I mean, I think there's going to be people that you would say never, and there's going to be I mean, if Burton had gotten to the end of Pearl islands wouldn't people have voted for him. He would have gotten to. I think I beat Burton in a final battle jury. That was my client. I I was thinking a straight from my plan of upholding my end of the deal with Burton. So we got involved. He's right. Yeah. But I think he would have got an I think just just stressing to the jury vote she got one. So, but I think just just just stressing to the jury outwit outlasts outplay, you don't outlast by taking a twelve day vacation. Yeah. Unless it will it's going to happen. One day somebody's going to win one of these shows that it's been it's been, but speaking of Lille is there anything okay with you in Lil a couple of weeks ago, a hope brouhaha on Facebook and Lil never post anything. And then that she you and she were like cats and dogs. She just trolled me. I mean, I don't know more once. Yeah, she's friends with one survived. Thank you. One survivor. On on the planet and not Sandra. And so two. Yeah. And so, you know, so Detroit my Facebook feed and be like, hey and use expletives, and it's just like, okay. Great. I so let me just if I were somebody getting this story wrong that you that you would posted that you were friends with Sandra on Facebook for nine years. I believe it was just like the it's been nine years. I on the podcast. Yes. Sure. And said, hey, I gave you a million dollars. And you gave me nine years of friendship on Facebook something to that extent. And then repaired rail comes in. Oh my God. It's Lil Morris's music. It's big little Morris. She comes in. And ultimately, she says I thought I was the one that gave Sandra the million dollars. Not you. Who went off on Lil? Yeah. I did unprofessional on cool. And then and then and then you felt bad then you felt bad about it. I mean. Yeah, I'm just. I'm sorry. Go away. I apologize. Go away. I mean, I don't need to be in my life versus why did you have to see those things? You told me you were the new man. Now was the old Johnny fairplay. So there. Yeah. Different. Maybe you change. I I think I think it's best that we live in two separate universes. I think I think it's okay. It's very, okay. Do I love a good little Russian? I unfortunately can only do said you let me know when you were different. Okay. All right. All right. So I I digress Petrin. Yeah. I felt like she was in the room it, really. Okay. So for for David that I he's kind of screwed by this edge of extinction where he had the perfect getaway. Maybe a. Not not necessarily true. Because Chris doesn't strike me. As the smartest player. He might not throw shade anywhere else. He might might just go on. It's like Edgar Allan Poe story of like it was the perfect crime..

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