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Last season of the Chicago Bulls


That the whole time frame of the entire last dance was just just crazy just confusing if you ask me the Sally Sally is my witness last Monday I came in to prepare for the show and I was finishing up season eight you know why it took me that long to finish up season I'm sorry episode eight because I just couldn't take it I could watch two straight hours of add to taken in doses because I was really tired as doc after episode five I mean it just did not go into the detail that I wanted and I immediately knew after the second episode that this isn't a documentary about the last season of the Chicago Bulls this is the Michael Jordan dot and that changed my entire view point of this last dance because I was looking forward to watching detail of the last season even it was just the last two seasons of this bulls team in how was constructed and how it came apart I was looking forward to that instead we receive the documentary on Michael Jordan no not from the eyes of a director or someone that knew him from the eyes of Michael Jordan that's what I did like we didn't get the kids before for thirty seconds like even in the episode where they talked about also do you do you have kids like even the episode about father's day you came up after his father's death and they kind of they showed the kids like in a tonal afterwards but why did you interview the kids there talk about you know what Michael was like at the home after the death of your grandfather talk about how he was how he was impacted you know what he thought about you know how it led him to the drive of trying to win a championship for your grandfather like talk about that a little bit it did it didn't go into nearly the depth of that I want it and I'm not for ten hours so no I'm not going to watch the last two episodes on A. B. A. T. V. I could've watched at

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