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They did yeah avril grow passionate about i don't i don't you know yeah what it's like to talk with jiri last week in a satellite but jay like you have a pretty good you know approached it doesn't racing him you know a lot of people going to immediately over drive the carson you know especially in a vehicle like that meant desert i mean you can destroyed how to miles he wanted to you know what it's you know it's a block in that fine line in the summer like weddle like a huge areas that he's like i was very impressed with his approach to things like he he was very calculated and how he was going to approach driving his statement in the race and things like that but i thought that was pretty cool you know what it means for him yes also he's got like you said a lot a car knowledge you know and and rays kerr knowledge yeah is there respectful of it and i was cool to see i know it's it's interesting all hanging around curse now do like him of interesting to you know used it in the sixty they need pretty he's actually like the kind of attention brought said it's kind interesting watch this week go through some rough section not it you got to be so patiently stop truck you know ten cartels latin but i think try to thank our speed we've heard of and you can see it getting fifty after allow it of you know it's tough finishes stuffed earthquake like you said you could break the thing in you know when he out certain things so yeah a lot of respect for him after after the majority of yeah i know i was in a razor in you know it's like i'm used to just going over the top everything you know throw the hammer down it just gon stassi tantos my first time you don't while in a in a stock last vehicle on him in that razor in it's not stock by any means but i get was like that's like this is what i haven't been doing for the past two.

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