Russia, FBI, Rome discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


The coastal frisk is rewarded and what you expect so that is why overall domestic mark gets to bolt on i 5 percent in two thousand seventeen so that was bnp cfo laws nationale and the bank of course season an uptick fluids 2020 target yet to some extent we've seen being a on about being the darling of the market sir so far this year outperformed the stock six hundred banks index say it's stock is up more than five percent so far this year let's case had lost off from around the world his liu left sovic hello good morning center good morning marcus german chancellor angela merkel has extended the deadline for engages to form a coalition government by an extra day bloomberg's patrick donohue has the latest negotiators struggled to settle differences on curbing temporary work contracts and changing healthcare policy the spd wants to extract concessions out of miracles christian democratic led block as the party confronts a vote by its four a membership on the final deal only after that will germany know whether a new election looms in berlin patrick donahue bloomberg daybreak europe foam italian prime minister matteo rienzie has a tight sell their ballots gani stands in the euro in a bid to dredge up support for the ruling democratic party who sean for lane has the story ranks he made a pitch for mainstream voters when he presented his party's candidates in room the centreright coalition wanted tariffs and was against the euro rienzie said but he has a lot of catching up to do the coalition led by silvio berlusconi is the biggest bloc in opinion polls with about thirty seven percent support in rome john frame bloomberg daybreak europe the us house intelligence committee has to release the democratic memo it is said to be a pointbypoint rebuttal to the republican malay which criticised the fbi z so the dossier in its investigation of links between russia and the trump campaign during.

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