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We're back. It's the hot stones sideshow on Chiron. Tom Douglas, chef Terry's lazy but taking another day off here we are going to jump right into our favorite dishes from 2020. And why don't we start with Terry? Terry's texted you a few of his Thoughts on 2020. What did you hear from him? It's true. He has quite the range of food here, Tom. I love his. If I could only I could read it in his beloved accent. But he one of his favorite bites of 2020 was Vegemite. In Australia, Melbourne. He went too soon. The restaurant, which was in the best restaurant he dined in in Australia. He was back there in February before we all closed down and had a veggie, my crispy cake that was absolutely delicious. It was the first time that he tried it, and he said he was not disappointed. So that was a top on that would be his chef. Teri's favorite bite, But whatever you might say, I didn't have it. He did say, you know, after, he said, the most surprising for him. Only because he does not normally eat pizza was when serious. Pi re opened across the street from Andhra here at serious Pie downtown. He went on a Friday afternoon He went four Fridays in a row, he said, eating pizza like a child who had never had it before, but suddenly fell in love with a dish so surprising but the experience of rediscovering how those pies are so well executed. And reminding me of what bad pizza is, but rather the craftsmanship when when well done can create, And he said, you should be very proud Tom of the team. He absolutely loves serious pie and his last favorite bite. He forgot to mention he wanted to meet it. Make sure that he gave a shout out to his beloved wife, Cathy, her chocolate chip cookies. Fresh 10 minutes out of the oven, he says Ho ho! Oh, he says, the cookies have oats, raisins, cocaina and chocolate chips. And it is his favorite bite. And I'm sure he's probably eating a couple right now, if I'm mistaken, Jump s Oh, we miss you Teary. We're glad that you were able to send in your favorite bites. Tom. What do you miss? Well, I decided I didn't want to, like, Get into you know the my favorite bites of to go food for the last month, So I just thought I would say talk about as we kind of go through this. My favorite bites from our own joints that have been closed for nine months. Some never to return, like Cuoco and brave Horse Tavern are closed for good. On did some that hopefully will return in the spring when there's new business like the Carlyle Room across from the Paramount Theater. It doesn't make a ton of sense open that until the theaters can be open. Yeah, because that was our big business driver there on then, Of course, that is maybe not until the tourism happens again. Down the pike Place market we've got Some A couple of top things from ad is on the menu at sea town because we combined all three of those restaurants s O. Let me start. Let's say at the Carlyle Room. And, um, this is going to sound weird, but I have it every time I went there, because it's trashy. Good. And if you know, trashy, good. That's my highest compliment. So the chips and dip my favorite years to that ranch and the ranch dressing does his ranch is Top five favorite things I've had in a long, really, that is, I thought I was gonna be like left out of the room there, But homemade potato chips grew really good ranch and I love crudities. I love carrot sticks and celery sticks, And there's just something natural and organic about the whole thing that I find with my whiskey or my martini. It is the perfect snack for me. I love that. So there's the Carlyle Room. Let's come right down the hill here to say Lola, which is been closed now for nine months and the course I had breakfast there many times before the radio show before we taped and I missed our little maple pork sausages in our little goat cheese omelet with herbs. So good. Those are a couple of things in 2021 that I hope will return. But you know, the hotel here is still closed. Nine months later, this hotel of the Andre is still closed. We're here when we tape our show here in the hot stove. We are by ourselves in this entire 120 room. Hotel s so it's kind of crazy. It's true. I think Lowe is probably one of the most email we get in terms of what people missing the breakfast items for sure. I think that just great standard. Well done Breakfast spot for downtown. It was always bustling, which is fussy. And, Yeah, it was perfect because it was just the perfect delicious food. The Lola Pancakes. I think we're most Favorite for month, much of the e mails that we were going well, one of the things you know Amy, who your co producer here of this radio show, One of the things I have on my list for her is to start looking at park lips for this spring air on Fourth Avenue. For to try and get some of our restaurants open because my gut instinct is we're not gonna be open indoors for quite a while. Yeah, maybe till April or may. That's just my instinct. I have no idea. No inside information, So, Yeah, I love that whether or not the Dahlia reopens. Questionable. can't gotta keep You rolling. know, Right, that's Madeline, a big restaurant, Right. and there's I Who just don't do we see have the need up for next? 150 I Brian seat restaurant hears from right the fat now, cork. but I Breiman could see lettuce. it turning Yeah, into the like Dahlia the lettuce Bakery. or Molina's And Brian. when I think about what I miss most Molina's, of the Dahlia Bakery but I've been called Miletic There's one my cookie whole life. that I really love. And Terry loves All chocolate right, chip cookies So your shop is down and there on the owner the here base of of the Queen hotel. and Andre loves our I've chocolate been in. Chunk I cookie, haven't been But in and I probably am a the year's my guests, little coconut but French I've meringue, always enjoyed my stroll not through there. macaroon. It's a good time. But the French But meringue you have a and good online presence too, If don't you've had you? Oh, yeah, We macaroons ship all over the country are using FedEx and ups, Yeah, if and you've had we him are like in a Jewish specific deli, or to champagne. if you have been most grocery So that's stores all where we you buy do him is off the the shelf there. Champagne He's really dense, tasting heavy room during coconut non covert things. times Sometimes they're half and dipped in chocolate, retailer and all I the time. do not Um, like them. my They wife sometimes and they I.

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