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In the Super Bowl? The first NFL team delus- to an AFL teen in the Super Bowl. What was that team NFL team that lost? Well, it was the jet feeding. The jets with Joe name. Be well. Men that had to be the Green Bay passes. He's at your answer. Yeah. Kirk, what was the first NFL team to lose to AFL team. The score is two to one Rick. If you get this one. Oh, I said win darn loose. I said it three or four times Kirk Kirk. Kirk, you don't know, first NFL team to lose to an AFL team in the Super Bowl scores two to one Rick. I know was the jet played. That was the one where Joe name promised to. To win. Scores two to one Rick ahead. If you get this one white, we tie and we go to a tiebreak. Oh man. Bharti the. It was good for Barneys, teen. The answer is Baltimore Colts. Rick you in two to one. You're listening to the Larry elder show. Stuck in traffic?.

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