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O'donnell's been talking with Ford executive bill Ford and GM's merry borrow Ford reports its first quarter earnings in a few days in the projection is a loss of two billion dollars and those losses will continue to mount can you sustain that well obviously not indefinitely very bara is CEO of GM has covert nineteen proved to be an existential threat to GM's long term health between the strength of our balance sheet with the steps we've taken in the past we will get through this and we will learn a lot of lessons that will apply this book on sixty minutes president trump is sending some support to health and Human Services secretary Alex Azores jobs report in jeopardy because of his handling of the crawl of arms Mr trump tweets Alex is doing an excellent job all this stay home all the time is proving to be a lot harder for some of us than for others I'm Jim chrysalis many recovering alcohol and drug addicts are having trouble being stuck at home as the corona virus pandemic plays out Lynn Eldridge is a clinical therapist in Charleston West Virginia it is our goal because they're not being able to get out there not being able to work they're not being able to L. coronaviruses forced the cancellation of all important group therapy sessions for recovering addicts Jim chrysalis CBS news former Georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams tells CNN should be honored to be Joe Biden's running mate but that's up to him my responsibility is to follow the process if I'm included and I trust that Joe Biden and his team are going to put together a process that will pick the best running mate for him it's fundamentally it's his choice bonds promise to pick a woman a two year old coal has died after what was being called an accident at Santa Anita many of the twelfth fatality the California horse racing tracks since last December the string of horse death at Santa Anita last year led to sweeping.

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