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We are this friday before the pittsburgh steelers head to buffalo to play bills on sunday night football in week fourteen. It's hard to believe but it's been a while since there's been a final injury report status on a friday just because the steelers schedule has been so crazy whether it was the wednesday report The wednesday game against the baltimore ravens in week twelve it was then the washington game. The got bumped from sunday to monday. Finally steelers are back to playing on sunday. It is sunday night but still the final practice report is friday before the team boards a plane on saturday to head to buffalo a short flight for the pittsburgh steelers. But let's get right down to things on friday december eleventh. Do we mentioned the practice report first and then we get into the game. Status steelers had some good news chase. Claypool who missed practice on thursday with an illness was back a full participant in practice. Those a great sign. Other great signs steven nelson continued to be a full participant showing that he had no setbacks that he seems good to go with that knee injury that kept him out of the game against washington in week. Thirteen also chris boswell who missed practice wednesday with his hip he was a full participant for the second straight day. Looks like all things. Go for chris. Boswell and obviously been rothlisberger. David decastro alejandro villanueva This were not interrelated issues. Therefore they look like they're good to go. Chris warmly who missed practice on wednesday with an illness. He practiced fully the last two days again. He looks like he should go. But as it should be noted that joe haden and roberts splaine did not practice again meaning. They had missed the entire week's worth of practice. So what does this mean for. The actual game status will the game status. There is no game status except for hayden and spain. Both have been ruled out. I hate to speculate but fan should fans should think spelane not going on injured. Reserve is a really good sign. I that's what. I firmly believe that i think you all should to the pittsburgh steelers could easily put splaine on the injured reserve. He'd have to miss three games at minimum and then he could come back but they didn't. That should tell you that. His knee injury is not extremely severe. he might miss some time. But that's a good sign. Too good sign is a good sign that boswell has no status. Nelson has no status Chase claypool was just sick The he has no status. The steelers believe it or not outside of those season ending injuries. Which i hate to. Just throw that caveat out there. You know the like the season ending injuries. Those are big deals. Whether it's bud. Dupree devon bush zach manner. Those are big big deals They seem to be a relatively healthy group. Let's also not forget. James conner will be back in today. Friday marquees tounsi. He was taken off of the covid list. James conner was so they both will be back says To huge editions for the pittsburgh. Steelers offense as they looked to try to get back to having a little bit more balance in their offense of attacks. There you have that then. Let's go to the buffalo bills. The bills they're on short short week is well. They played on monday night in arizona. They played the san francisco. Forty niners in arizona because the forty niners can't playing california so really on friday december eleventh. Let's go through their injury. Report quarterback josh allen was a full participant note. No shock their offensive lineman. John feliciano was a full participant quarterback. Jake frahm again not interrelated with limited that what that means but it is what it is. Defensive chappaqua jefferson was a full participant safety. Jay quan johnson with an ankle did not participate defensive. End mario addison with a not injured related slash. Me did not participate in wide receiver. Andre robbers with an achilles was full their game status. Just one player safety. Jay quan Johnson with an ankle has been ruled out for the upcoming game for the upcoming game. So keep that in mind I wish i knew more about this individual if he's a starter of he's just a special teams guy nonetheless. They're not going to be down a lot of players if you know their name. They're expected to be there. Stefan digs talked about josh allen. They're running backs Singletary and mosser. It it's a good football team. Really good offense. It's going to be a tough challenge for the pittsburgh steelers but if the steelers are as good as their record indicates if they're on an eleven one team and that eleven one team at eleven one record i should say is not nothing but smoke and mirrors. Then they will go up to buffalo and they will have. They will put a really good product on the field in week. Fourteen the last thing. I want to say about this before i called it. A show here is a lot of people. And i say this because my even my own father. We're talking on the phone. We're facetime the other night and in but when the kids weren't driving me nuts. He's anything about the game sunday. I like the steelers chances. I think they're going to rebound nice. I i think they're going to be a to prove their team to beat so to speak and he is. I hope you're right. He said was good team. That's i'm not saying they're not team. And not saying that. But this defense is not the bills defense and a lot of people are used to see a lot of people think back to the bills. Defense is over just so styled in they stop the run and the got after the quarterback. This defense gets after the quarterback. They're not doing too poorly in that category but they're just not as dominant as they once were they're just not as dominant as they once were. They're giving up two hundred forty nine yards passing a game over one hundred and twenty six yards on the ground. They're giving of twenty five and a half points per game. And i guess they do have thirty sacks two that's a really good number Not nearly the dominance that most people think of when they think of the buffalo bills. This is an offensive team. This team wants to outscore you. Shocking enough that this offense the buffalo offense and the offense averaging the exact same points per game twenty seven point eight so there you have it folks. The injury report is done for week. Fourteen i hope that you stay tuned to behind.

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