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Pete, rose News today says the baseball's or juice and the sport is lost its fundamentals which leads, me to which I'm sure I'm not alone on guy, what's guy. Seventy seven all this whole life. Was baseball GAM hall of fame I know, we disagree. On this but I just got Oh he's done he's done I know he's? Not, even about the barchi Amati I didn't realize Bhartiya Mahdi's. Paul giamati stat yes. From the wine movie and. We were talking about people we also pig vomit he. Played in Stearns thing he played. The program. Director and. Howard, Stern's private parts he's in a. Lot of good good actor Paul Giamatti yeah you know how we talk over? Did you meet this guy or that guy. During one of the play offs, the giants were in There was. An exhibition. Football or. No, regular season football game going on. So I was waiting to do my little of reporting live on the field? And GM GM money As? A. Commissioner I was maybe it was Saint Louis the giants and. Cardinals anyway, just starts talking hey you. Gotta score on the New York Giants you know what I mean right. Just and then ended up talking to her about three minutes but right like a regular fan Marci Real nice guy and he just not like. I'm the Commissioner and whatever just but you just talking about nothing but real nice I think there are a. Lot. Of people that, can look at the rose situation and, say whether they think he, belongs in the, hall, or not yeah that happened a long time. Ago and forgiveness but then? When. He had this latest go round that's bad when that supposedly. Had sex, with an underage go yeah Well done next right I guess so but come on, well that's it yeah yeah yeah well that's it I'm, gonna give you a wine here as far as MLB. In any kind of major role in any media anything they got rid of him on FOX, away rid of Hernandez to maybe just suppose season but. For, the all star game they had they had. That same setup with Alex Rodriguez Frank Thomas Ortiz but no I know Keith Hernandez probably heard his interview with. Us Awful but he's off the, Mets broadcasts. To I, believe yeah something happened something happened there I'm Keith Hernandez The name of his, book or, maybe, that was the Barry Bonds. Article from Jesse Or whatever Where he kind of had that. Regal attitude I didn't find it that that you are really annoyed by a little bit more. Than, may well because I don't expect anything writing a book and your and I thought he was going to be one of these tell. All books I kinda hinted at his whole, cocaine use and it, was like he just wanted to skirt like it. Didn't happen. All, right well. Come on that's not. What you're that's what. These books these tell. All books that's not what sells your books if you don't know how to sell one of those books. Ask. Lenny. Dykstra right he came on here was talking about all of sleeping with elderly women and. All kinds, I mean he just wanted to let it all fly, the I. You know so I. Don't know. I did I did not find, Keith Hernandez. Likable going he he's still going on, the. Mets broadcasts he is the only known guy and somebody else has one. Go ahead but in the history of, the average just in the middle of, an interview just hang up and you could hear the. Whole thing I'm sure there's, been others but he. Was on I told you with I believe Robert guests Springwells attorney hung up okay. Believe how about this somebody, that a big name. Guiding save you save Might have, given. The Clinton I've got now All the, stuff you, poke Robert, guest, Robert, Gates, b wells wells Yeah that's that's how would remember Robert guests here's, the other thing that came. Up this weekend stole third up six nothing in the middle innings I don't know. If it was the fourth or. Fifth of the six Hundley gave was it the the stank guy you got a problem with stealing third up six Franny when you need worse, frowning we maybe text, in Give us the thumbs up or thumbs down for, any on stealing third up. Six nothing little league doesn't matter what inning very little league where you've got one. Team is dominant over the other. And you're just poured it on the professional level I hate to use that live and throw them out Yeah Humbly did he throw them? Out Saying I don't take. No mess he did highly They don't. Take no mess Yeah Thank stay state guy when you've lost four in a row just. Gets Used to drive me nuts Mike in that Wayne. Would go Barbara Inverness. Dr just gave him this. Thank at one good, year, we. Could do stay forgiving Marvin this tank guy you'll is the greatest moment came when Marvin came in studio with Ralph and Tom to try. To like make things right and he starts talking, about himself and he goes am? I a leadoff hitter now? Am, I number two hitter no we're looking at each. Other in the studio going? When's this going to stop this guy's like a nine hole hitter Am I, a three so much I wish I had heard that oh. My God I was. It was awesome and he. Got to the six, all, before. You even started getting I could be you know by most accounts he can think dusty Baker for that what do you get a four. Year eleven million guaranteed for Marvin Benard which in, those days is oh my God? For this guy but it? Does, he told the Peter McGowan we really this guy. We gotta have we gotta? Have so good for him but he Joe Joe Simpson ripping. The dodgers batting, practice attire, we'll get to, that audio also hang Schulman going to. Join us in a matter of minutes? By the way quick simple remember, Don Sutton network together right, Don Sutton never was on the, disabled list in. Twenty five years when they introduced him yesterday that's. Incredible isn't it it isn't credible he had a great, pad in LA, right, in, Palos Verdes Don Don. Sutton the. Express guy always remember he was one of the first guy to say I'm gonna give myself a Perm you remember that Don Sutton story buddy of mine. We're. Playing, at Moore said. Country, club he's, playing with Matic Smoltz and Avery. And my buddy on a. Par three his dad was a member at Mercedes like these guys they're they're they're. Waving us. Up I might they're not, waving? Us up and he hits a worm burner that hit Don Sutton in the cath went down. To the, ground and? They started bombing. Us okay yeah it was good Well I tell you what I'll save remind me I've got. A. Done, a good side Not, not. An f. Bob but. God Sutton. Going, out of his way for somebody who had. No all right all right very good My worm worm-burner, off the calf that's pretty good though but did he get up, and. Got up. Got up, and he's Who's, that guy asks guys like hey my dad's a member don't care The president Really These sports later time for the city national Bank business and technology. Report here's Jason. Middleton's good. Friend McAllister a lot of fluctuation in the markets this morning right, now the Dow NASDAQ and s&p five hundred all trending down, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

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