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It up tonight for the Macy's fourth of July fireworks spectacular fast approaching news watch member stops you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good evening mainly clear skies eighty degrees at eight twenty on this Thursday July the fourth line Mario ball scans here's what's happening the fourth of July ready to burst from the ram truck traffic centers check in with Rebecca Massaro tile in the Bronx on the rock you're heading westbound moves a slow heading towards other prongs are parkway that is all due to overturn the vehicle those delays now back towards castle Avenue you've got so far two lanes blocked the F. C. R. that is a close both directions between the battery park underpass and housed in and the approaches heading towards these clothes roads moving very very slow here's what we see on Long Island big three the L. I. he's starting to slow down heading westbound starting my Glen cove Rhoda and in towards league for road northern state moving to well and the southern state parkway pockets of slow downs from Grand Avenue heading towards eagle Avenue once you're on the belt parkway gonna crash approaching Springfield Boulevard that is causing delays at back towards the southern state parkway here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels well the Brooklyn Bridge that is closed for Macy's fourth of July fireworks show the George Lincoln Holland tunnel all.

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